Car charging and battery history


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Oct 30, 2017
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Is there a way to see the historical information on the battery and charging of a car? I'm curious how long some (my car in particular) have perhaps sat after being manufactured and what the status of the battery has been plus how many charging cycles it has been through. I received the VIN last Friday, paperwork is done and the money has been wired. So now it's shipping time to Texas. I just don't know how long it has been sitting.

The Vin is 23820 and I know that many speculate they are not built in VIN order, but I don't believe it to some degree. They may not be in exact VIN order, but I don't think it would be out of order by the thousands. I know cars being delivered in Canada are in the 30,000's - so in my head I believe that my car was likely built up to 3 weeks ago and been sitting.

When I get it, is there any method to see the times it's been charged and the battery levels during that time - a historical view? I'm thinking that only sitting for a few weeks shouldn't drain the battery if the car was shut down, but I'd want to know anyway. There are likely hundreds or thousands of cars sitting in Fremont waiting their shipment, so I'm just wondering what they do to keep an eye on them and make sure the batteries don't drain all the way. I figure most other states the cars are being shipped and stacking up at delivery centers where they might be able to check status every few days.

My ISA has been very good and he told me he doesn't have access to the build date, so until I have proof and know the history of the charge and the exact build date, I'll have some doubt that Tesla doesn't have the best handle on keeping all of the batteries in tip top shape.
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