Boston Area / Massachusetts Thread


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Apr 23, 2018
What a coincidence, that's when I'm at work too ;) Any regular weekend events?
Which should be asked of everyone, I figured a year ago we would already have a regular meetup already for everyone here.
I miss my 20s with a bunch of car guys with nothing better to do but drive around and chat together!
Haha, yea honestly between working at Tesla for 6 years, then trying to run 2 business plus a day job.... if I even thought about doing weekend work now my wife would probably divorce me. I've worn out that welcome lol. Maybe when and if things get busier to justify being open an additional day we might consider it and hopefully have some staff to do it besides me! We've actually been pretty active with weekend events over the summer and especially last month, just not at the shop doing work. Week nights are easier for me to get away to go meet up and hang out if that makes a difference to anyone else.


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Nov 21, 2018
new england
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@JWardell - thanks for the perspectives. I hear you. But I'm ok with paying a tire shop for the tires, mounting and balancing. I will check out EV Tuning. Good info on the Sullivan experience. Anyone try Town Fair?

And thanks for the TMC thread. I don't tend to wander that way. Found this place and stuck around. I'll need to explore there more.

@Bokonon - I'll keep an eye out for Blue Model 3 in the neighborhood!!

Lastly, looking at earlier posts on this thread -- is there an issue with the Framingham SC?

I never use sulliivan. Now oriely.o believe. I had used them for years. Salem location. Gave.them much business. One time took my wifes car in for rotate and balance and alignment. There was a nice round dent right above the tire where they obviously dented it with the alignment tool
They refused to take responsibility for it and I had to file an insurance claim. Never did business with them again. Town.fair has been fine.