BC Hydro adds fast charging stations

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Apr 15, 2017
West Kelowna, BC
Jul 6, 2018
BC Hydro adds fast charging stations to its network, connecting B.C. east to west

Next phase to include north-south network
VANCOUVER – BC Hydro announced today that it has completed the second phase of its electric vehicle fast charging network, allowing drivers to travel across B.C. from the Alberta border to Tofino – and the next phase will connect drivers north.
The second phase includes 28 new stations, in addition to the 30 that were completed in 2016. There are 13 new stations in the Lower Mainland and two new stations at the Britton Creek rest area on the Coquihalla Highway, allowing drivers to quickly charge up before heading to the Southern Interior – or to the Kootenays. The stations also connect drivers from Horseshoe Bay to the west coast of Vancouver Island.
BC Hydro is planning its next phase, which will connect drivers to the north from Kamloops to Prince George – and eventually to Prince Rupert.
"Our government is making zero emission transportation choices more accessible for all British Columbians," said Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Michelle Mungall. "B.C. already has one of Canada's largest charging networks, but now motorists can travel all the way from Golden to Tofino using these new fast chargers."
BC Hydro's fast charging network can charge an electric vehicle's battery to 80 per cent in 30 minutes or less. The network is designed to provide drivers with charging options when they need them – helping reduce the 'range anxiety' many drivers feel about long road trips.
"We're very pleased to provide this network of fast chargers to encourage electric vehicle drivers to get out and explore B.C. this summer," said Chris O'Riley, BC Hydro President and Chief Operating Officer. "Electric vehicles are a great option for British Columbians looking to reduce their impact on the environment because we generate 98 per cent clean electricity. They also help lower their driving costs by around 75 per cent."
As the number of electric vehicles on B.C. roads grows, charging sessions at BC Hydro's existing stations have increased 63 per cent over the last year year. Between May 2017 and May 2018 there were over 22,000 charges at these stations. This represents around 941,000 kilometers of driving and the equivalent of approximately 364,000 kilograms in carbon dioxide emissions savings. There are currently around 9,000 electric vehicles on the road in B.C. and that number is expected to rise to 300,000 by 2030.
BC Hydro has been installing charging stations throughout the province since 2012 with support from the provincial and federal governments and in partnership with municipalities, regional districts and others, like Loblaws and Accelerate Kootenays. The stations completed in phase two include:
Lower Mainland:

  • Coquitlam Superstore (east)
  • Coquitlam Superstore (west)
  • Horseshoe Bay – 6000 block of Bruce Street
  • Mission Superstore
  • Peace Arch Superstore
  • Richmond Superstore
  • Surrey – Esso Tynehead (to be energized in mid-July)
  • UBC Wesbrook Place
  • Vancouver – 500 block of Homer Street in Vancouver (two stations)
  • Vancouver – 5000 block of West Boulevard
  • Vancouver Superstore – Grandview Highway (to be energized in mid-July)
  • Vancouver Superstore – South East Marine Drive
Vancouver Island:

  • Campbell River community centre
  • Courtenay Superstore
  • Nanaimo Superstore
  • Pacific Rim Visitor Centre
  • Port Alberni No Frills
  • Qualicum Quality Foods
  • Sidney City Hall

  • Britton Creek rest area along the Coquihalla Highway (two stations)
East Kootenay:

  • Canal Flats Arena
  • City of Cranbrook municipal parking lot on Cranbrook Street N
  • District of Sparwood municipal office
  • Golden – end of 9th Avenue (to be energized in mid-July)
  • Jaffray Pump & Pantry
  • Radium Hot Springs community centre
BC Hydro Media Relations
p. 604 928 6468


Apr 7, 2018
Richmond, BC
Tesla Owner
Model 3
I sure hope so. I would definitely invest in one at that point. I've asked Tesla a few times before and keep getting different answers.
Is CHAdeMO the "Betamax" and CCS is going to be the open standard?

Strange nobody from tesla has written anything in their forum about it...

snippit from greentransportation.info website below.


Unfortunately, while fast charging electric cars were available in 2011 (Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV), CHAdeMO charging infrastructure didn’t grow very fast. Some automakers lobbied against CHAdeMO deployment because it wasn’t an SAE-blessed standard. Instead the CHAdeMO was standard co-developed by TEPCO and the Japanese automakers. Instead of adopting CHAdeMO, the SAE developed their own fast charging standard (Combo Charging System), Tesla Motors developed a proprietary fast charging system (Supercharger), and the Chinese developed a different fast charging standard.


Apr 10, 2016
Southern California, Most of the time...
Tesla Owner
Model 3
Has anyone tried their chademo adaptor recently? Seems like something that ‘should’ be coming with an update at some point.
Just got the 3 back from service and CHAdeMO update still not available, though moved from being "mum" about it to "future"...

I keep asking for this for multiple reasons. One of which is professional in nature in addition to my personal reasons of owning a CHAdeMO adapter...

KInd of.

Basically, Japan/Nissan is keeping Chademo alive.
Also Tesla... With the Model S and Model X supporting CHAdeMO, it's very useful for many around the world. Talk to a New Zealand Model S or Model X owner and ask them how they travel around in their country and they can point to ChargeNetNZ and its standards powered DCFC infrastructure!