Airbag HV Shutdown Reset

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Aug 27, 2018
San Jose
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Model 3
All Tesla vehicles will disconnect the HV system automatically in the event that airbags are deployed. According to the manual, when this occurs the vehicle needs to be taken to a Tesla service center for this condition to be reset to make the car drivable again.

Usually when there is an impact of sufficient force to the vehicle that it causes the airbags to deploy, the damage to the car is sufficient to make the car un-drivable even if the HV system were not disengaged. However, there are rare circumstances when the airbags could deploy but the car would otherwise be considered drivable. Under such circumstances it would be good to know how to reset this condition in the field so that the car could be moved under its own power.

Apparently you can reset this condition in the field on a Model S, but I looked on my Model 3 and I couldn't immediately find anything like the "pyro fuse reset" button shown in that post (and shown below in this post).

It is entirely possible that there simply isn't such a reset button on the Model 3, but I'm curious if anyone knew with certainty that there was no such thing.

Maybe I'm being silly even asking for such information, but ultimately I'd just feel better knowing that if I ever get into an accident which doesn't structurally damage the car (but still causes the airbags to fire) that I can still move the car a short distance under it's own power (like out of the way of traffic). So if there is a way to do it I'd like to know.