Air Conditioning fail? Internal temperature wrong?


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Jul 8, 2016
I noticed last week that the car didn't seem to be cooling off, and that the air coming from the vent didn't seem particularly cold. I suspected there was a compressor problem, but conducted a little experiment. I exited the car (while it was sunny out), and told it to cool down to 65ºF. I watched as the inside temperature went right from the 80's down to the set temperature. Then, when I went back out, the car was still warm inside.

It's as though the car is lying about its internal temperature. The climate system is convinced that it doesn't need to cool the cabin because it's already at the right temperature. Telling it to cool to something ridiculous (like 60ºF) gets it comfortable, and does manage to kick in the compressor.

I'm at a loss wondering how that could happen (unless the temperature sensor just happens to be parked right in front of the blower).

Obviously, service has been scheduled (for next week)

Anyone else seen this? If so, what was the fix?