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Oct 15, 2016
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Great initiative, @MelindaV , thank you!

In the spirit of the global reach of forum, it would be great if, over time, we can include the geographical coverage in other world areas when we know... For us in Europe, for instance, import duties for stuff out of NA can be prohibitive at times; I am hoping some of the larger NA vendors ultimately set up local distributors and/or get complemented by quality regional players...


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May 28, 2017
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Here's a list of sites selling Model 3 specific parts/accessories:


what other Model 3 / Tesla specific sellers have you found?
I would also suggest somehow denoting those that are sponsors on this site. As forum participants, we all benefit from sponsors that help keep this site running. If I'm looking for "fuzzy dice" and they're being sold by 2 sellers, I'd rather buy it from the one that sponsors M3OC!

Other sellers:


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May 23, 2017
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I have locations on a few.

Evannex: Deerfield Beach, Florida (Primarily eCommerce model)

T Sportline: Los Angeles, California - Specifically West Hollywood area (Hybrid business model - Store/Shop where cars are customized + eCommerce)

RPM Tesla: Rancho Santa Margarita, California (Seems like an eCommerce model)

Unplugged Performance: Hawthorne, California (Hybrid business model as well)


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Dec 22, 2017
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Thank you Everyone!
There are a lot of attractive products for me.
It is difficult to purchase at a Japanese shop (There is little information in Japan), I'm glad if it easy to private import.
However I’m anxious that my spending money is enough.
I may need to consult Mom.
I have so much time to deliver cars, I would like to refer to your idea.(And I want to have fun.)
So if you can, please post your impressions and photos of your aftermarket parts.
Apr 10, 2018
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Is there an aftermarket supplier base in Canada for Tesla? I am interested in Rims and interior vinyl wraps for the Tesla Model 3.

Thank you..


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Mar 30, 2018
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Tesla Model 3 Parts – includes reservation Deposit items & Pre-orders

I helped make one of these before on a different forum, different car, and it really helped in assisting owners on what options are available. Though the links and pricing might change overtime, it will be a great resource and I’ll have to keep it updated a little. Go ahead and add stuff or message me to modify if needed. I didn’t put pictures, it takes up too much room.

Just listing actual items, I didn’t include any vinyl applications, there’s just too many varieties. The only Vinyl I think I listed were for HOV stickers.

just leave some comments for additions and stuff...and I'll find time to update this was time progresses.


Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Lowering Spring Set - $365.00
Options – Mile, moderate, Low

Unplugged Coilover Suspension Kit - $2295.00
Special Pre-Order pricing of $1995.00 for limited time

Mountainpass Performance Comfort Coilovers - $1620.00

Mountainpass Performance Sports Coilovers - $2350.00

T Sportline Sport Lowering Springs – PREORDER - $350.00
SKU: TS 600 003 M3

Mountainpass Performance – Rear Comber Arms - $395.00

Mountainpass performance Rear Toe Arms - $385.00

Unplugged Performance Sport Brake Pad Set - $150.00 - $349.50 (Avail. June 2018)
Options – Front, Rear, or both

Unplugged Performance Stainless Steel Sport Brake Line Set - $200.00

Unplugged Performance Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit - $8995.00 - $9195.00
Options: Red ($8995.00) or Custom Color ($9195.00)

Mountainpass Performance 365mm Big Brake Kit (front) - $1380.00 (Mid-June 2018)
Note: fits 19” rims or larger
Interior Looks/Accessories:
Note: I didn’t add steering wheels…who replaces steering wheels?

T Sportline Floor Mat Set – 499.00
SKU: TS 200 030 SQ G
Options: lettering and colors (Red, Blue, Grey, Black)

Intro-Tech Floor Mats – Trunk/Frunk available - $50.00 – 239.00
Note: Colors available, Trunk/Frunk can be ordered on a separate link.

Evannex – Luxe Mats - $149.95 – 219.95
Note: Floor, Trunk, & Frunk Mats available

Evannex All-Weather Mats – $59.95 - 359.95
Note: Floor, Trunk, & Frunk Mats available

Evannex Ultimats - $89.95 – 135.95
Note: Floor, Trunk, & Frunk Mats available

Intro-Tech Frunk Mat - $44.95

Intro_tech Trunk Mat - $84.95

T Sportline Carbon Fiber Dash Panel – PREORDER - $1200.00 (Summer 2018)
SKU: TS 803 001

EVampedup – Insane Rear Console - $379.00 (w/ USB ass $35.00)

Abstract Ocean – Tempered Glass Protector 9H - $39.99

Abstract Ocean – Screen Protectors - $15.99 - 19.99
Other options versus just the 9H version.

RPM Screen Protector - $22.50
Note; There is a 20% discount now (06/28/2018)

Evannex Screen Protector - $19.95

RPM Dead Pedal – $60.00

Exterior Looks/ Accessories:

Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Exterior Door Handle Set (all four,) - $895.00
Options: Gloss or Matte/Satin (additional $100.00)
You buy then reship your original door handles as a “Core Charge”

Abstract Ocean “TESLA” lettering for rear - $24.99

Abstract Ocean – LR badging - $19.99

RPM Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps - $150.00
Note: 20% discount available now, 06/28/2018

RPM Carbon Fiber Wheel Hubs - $374.00
Note: 20% discount available now, 06/28/2018
Fits: 2017-2018 OEM 19” Alloy Wheels

Evannex Glove Box Bumper - $19.95
Body Kits/Add-Ons:
Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler - $695.00

RPM – Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler/Blade - $286.00
Note; There is a 20% discount now (06/28/2018)

Unplugged Performance Ascension Front Fascia System (reservation of $500.00) - $2295.00 (no ETA)
You can select trim options (RWD, Dual, Dual P.)

T Sportline Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing Spoiler – PREORDER - $700.00 (ETA Summer 2018)
Options: Gloss (TS 300 005 G M3) or Matte (TS 300 006 M M3)

T Sportline Carbon Fiber Sport Package – PREORDER - $3500.00 (ETA Summer 2018
Part #/SKU: TS 300 100 M3
Lighting – Interior and Exterior:

Abstract Ocean Ultra-Bright LED Interior Lights - $12.99 each
Note: Bulb packs available for overall lower pricing/each (Red also available)
And in Blue $13.99

Evannex “Cardrails” Key Card holder - $12.95

EV Tuning Interior Lights - $10.99

RPM LED Upgrade kit - $14.00 each
Note: 20% discount available now, 06/28/2018

RPM Ambient LED Lighting Upgrade Kit - $49.00
Note: 20% discount available now, 06/28/2018

Abstract Ocean Puddle Lights, Doors - $44.99 (pair)

Miscellaneous Items:

1975creations – License Plate Bracket (Front) “The Bandit” - $119.00

Torklift – License plate Bracket (Front) – “The Law” - $134.99
Part #/SKU: XA1004

Sto-N-Show - License Plate Bracket (Front) – $84.99

Evannex Bolt =-On License Plate Holder (Front) - $159.95
Note: No-Drill

Evannex Front License Plate Bracket - $99.95
Note: No drilling, uses adhesive to mount
Torklift – Stealth EcoHitch - $399.99
Options: 2” or 1.25”
Part numbers: x7373 (2”), x7374 (1¼”) Hitch

Intro-Tech Windshield Reflector - $64.95

Evannex Sunshade - $59.95

RPM HOV Sticker decals - $10.00

RPM Windshield Wind Noise Reduction Kit - $29.00
Note: Mixed Reviews on performance

RPM Trunk & Frunk Organizers - $62.00
Note: 20% discount available now, 06/28/2018

Evannex – Trunk Organizer - $89.95

Evannex – Performance Pedal Covers - $49.95
Evannex Seat Covers “Seat Hooddie” - $99.95 – 194.95

Jack Pad Adapter – Ebay - $45.00
Note: Shipping is $2.00

EV Tuning Jack Pad Adapter - $60.00


Evannex Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger - $89.00
RPM Qi Wireless Fast Charge Pad - $61.99 (add 20.00 for dual)

Evannex CapturePro Charging Lock for J1772 - $59.95