Add EAP after delivery for $5500 through Sep 30

Long Ranger

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Jun 1, 2018
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For those who have taken delivery, didn't order EAP and are having second thoughts, it looks like Tesla has reduced the post-delivery EAP price from $6000 to $5500, at least through Sep 30. Probably a promotion to try to increase revenue before the end of quarter.

The only odd thing is that I'm seeing by Sep 30 in one place and by Sep 24 in another. If I just go to the home page and order a new car, it says "$5,500 if added after delivery by Sept. 30th". If I edit the design of my car it says Sep 24. I don't put much faith in the Sep 24 date, because that's specified as the post-delivery price for a car that I haven't even taken delivery of yet.