7-14 days to ship?


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Aug 22, 2018
Denver, CO
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I ordered headlight protectors and wind noise kit for roof on October 3rd.

The other day I thought, hey, I should probably have my stuff already... just the general feel I have about ordering things online these days...Amazon gets me things in a day with free shipping, but with merchants I expect a bit longer.

These still are in processing... so I looked at original email and it says 7-14 days BEFORE even shipping...

Seriously, I have never experienced this long of a processing time on anything, not eBay, not non-prime merchants, nor any forum members selling stuff.

Another thing, I am sorry, but I feel it is misleading to put the 20% off price in the title of your products then have criteria to meet it, ie must spend a certain amount.

I probably wouldn’t have written this if you would have just responded to my emails.