2021 M3LR Delivery Issues & Service Center Experience



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Apr 9, 2019
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Dropped off our 3 week old M3LR at the SC in Dublin, CA for some issues, listed below. We were really expecting Uber credits and not a loaner for the duration. Upon arrival, Service Advisor had already ordered an Uber ride to the nearest Enterprise Car Rental, surprise! We went over all the issues and hopped in the Uber to head to Enterprise. They already had the reservation, just showed ID and credit card. We were prepared to leave with an ICE car (ugh), but low and behold, they pulled up with a 2018 Model S 75D!!! Yeah, that makes leaving our 2021 in the shop a little less painful. Our Tesla app says estimated completion is 7/27. Overall very good experience so far.
  • Fingerprints on middle headliner, passenger side
  • Door handle too recessed, driver’s side rear door
  • Round dull paint spots, driver’s side top on rear panel and top of rear door
  • Charge port misaligned
  • Steering wheel crinkling noise when moving in and out
  • Middle console not centered, driver's seat very tight to console
Hopefully the can push out the latest firmware, we are currently on 2021.3.103.
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