1. Robert Pickel

    Paint Protection, Film, and Coatings

    How many will be having an after-market paint protectant product applied to your new Model 3 immediately upon delivery? If so, which product? Will you have it professionally applied by a detailer, or will you do it yourself? How much do you estimate this will cost? If not using a...
  2. V

    Tinting my M3 with Phantom S5-15%

    I went with Phantom S5-15% ceramic nano tint on all windows except the top and did the windshield at S5-50%. I’m colorblind so I can pretty much tint any glass to my preference due to headaches from direct sunlight. Having said that, I decided 15% matched everything the best on my car and 50% on...
  3. 5PointAutoSpa

    Clear Bra San Diego Paint Protection Film Tesla Model 3

    The anticipation of waiting for your new Tesla Model 3 to arrive is almost overwhelming. For many, an even heavier emotion is driving in home and in only the first few weeks beginning to notice damage on the paint from flying debris and scratches appearing from washing and drying it. By now many...
  4. m3_4_wifey

    Wrap recommendation for upsate Vermont/Montreal

    Vermont seems to have next to nothing in wrap options, which is strange given the amount of gravel roads we have. I'm in the Burlington, VT area and to price out wrapping the Model 3. I'm thinking my best close options might mean going up into Quebec. So far I have talked with one of the...
  5. Kyle P

    Xpel Stealth Model 3

    Here is my Model 3 with Xpel Stealth, chrome delete and powder-coated sport wheels. Planning to plastidip the logos black as well this week. Love all the pics of Tesla's on the site and just wanted to add mine :)
  6. I

    Hexis / SPEK / XPEL / 3M Clear Bra

    I talked to an installer for window tinting and PPF but I am not certain of his products. For window tinting, he has Suntek carbon which he claims to be better than Suntek ceramic since carbon has a better heat rejection, so he claims. I was mainly looking for ceramic because this community...
  7. The Tesla Studio

    Who are we? Get to know us

    My name is Pete Borras. I own First Impression AutoShield in Sarasota, and the soon to open The Tesla Studio in Tampa. We are the detailing facility of choice for the Florida Tesla Enthusiasts Club. We specialize on total automotive surface protection. Some of the services we offer to Tesla...
  8. Modern Image

    San Diego - FEYNLAB, PPF & Tint Group Buy

    Hi Everyone, My name is Enrico and I am the owner of Modern Image in San Diego. We are San Diego's exclusive FEYNLAB Self-Heal Plus installer and are excited to be joining this community. We are looking to add a couple of Teslas to our fleet and looking into the potential of Tesla loaner cars...
  9. HumanGenome

    CarProtectionPros XPEL Kit

    Has anyone tried these kits? http://carprotectionpros.com/2018-tesla-model-3-3m-scotchgard-pro-series-clear-bra-paint-protection-film-deluxe-kit I am not an expert by any means but they already have the Model 3 pre-cut for exactly what I need. Is it pretty difficult to get done by yourself?