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  1. bschuhma

    Model Y, unswitched 12vdc into frunk?

    Can anyone help me find an unswitched 12vdc line for an accessory (W. A. S. P. Pedestrian speaker) and offer a way to terminate that in the frunk on a Model Y, please? I've seen a few YouTube videos of where I might find VC Right on a Model 3, but the Y is different, and then I still have the...
  2. P

    “Front left safety restraint system fault”

    My M3 is in for service due to a “front left safety restraint system fault”. First, they thought it was a sensor, then they thought it was a wiring harness, now they think it’s the front seat! Long story short...they’ve had my car for two weeks and the new estimate is 4 more weeks!!!! Ugh. 4...