1. Taney71

    Windshield wiper replacement

    Does anyone have recommendations for winter wiper blades for the Model 3?
  2. J

    Chirping/Whistling Wind Noise

    UPDATE: It was the windscreen cowl. They replaced it and it's 98% better. The Mobile Service tech said that to get the cowl to fit 100% we'd need to replace the front windscreen as the rubber seal at the bottom of the window was mounted too low. Anyway long story short, it seems fixed for now...
  3. P

    Front Windshield Distortion

    So, first off, except for the windshield, the car was perfect. I stared at every panel gap, fitment, opened and closed all the doors, trunk, frunk, etc. Had to refuse delivery regardless, however. Take a look at how everything is a bit wavy through the front windshield. And this is the second 3...
  4. H

    Windshield Replacement Cost and other repairs

    I didn’t see a post covering the cost of a windshield replacement so I thought I would chime in. An object hit my windshield on the highway and caused a crack to run about 1/3 the latitudinal length from the driver side to the passenger side. Obviously this wouldn’t be repairable. My local Tesla...
  5. Enginerd

    Windshield sun shade

    Hopefully I'm in the final month or two waiting for my Model 3. One of the "important" details to sort out, of course, is the windshield sun shade. I've been disappointed with the ones that were supposed to fit my previous cars. In the rare occasion that they appear to fit, sometimes they sag...
  6. A

    Back Windshield Shade for Baby

    Does anyone have a good solution/sunshade to protect a baby in a rear facing child seat from the sun. Because the rear facing window stretches ove the back seat it seems like my kid is always in the sun. We have a couple of sunshades with suction cups from amazon that are ok, but not great. I’m...
  7. M

    What's the sticker in the lower right corner of the windshield?

    I noticed that many, but not all, Model 3s got a credit card-sized sticker with a red header (with the Tesla logo) and footer in the lower right corner of the wind shield. It does not appear to follow any specific pattern, e.g. only Tesla employees, as far as I know. Anyone have a close-up of...
  8. tencate

    windshield rock chip

    3100 miles and got my first rock-hit-the-windshield ding today. Ironically I was on my way to a local Tesla club meeting to see if there were any other Model 3s (only around 18 Model Ss and a couple of Xs). Called Allstate, it might be fixable/fillable with epoxy, if not, we'll see what happens...