1. P

    Wifi almost 0 range

    Not sure if this is the right place for the thread, but I got my M3 back in august, and have noticed that the wifi pickup range is absolutely horrible. Sometimes it cant even pick up a portable hotspot in my own car. I know the antenna is in the drivers side mirror and when it folds in it...
  2. MattyB

    Strategies to update with no WIFI access?

    Hi! Because of where I have to park in my condo building, there is no way my car will have regular access to WIFI unless my building decides to wire the parking garage, which may happen in 3-4 years after enough cars use it, but thats for tomorrow. I got my first few updates over LTE, but they...
  3. Megagreg

    Wifi Special Characters

    Just got my Model 3 TODAY! Very excited! But once I got the car back home, and tried to connect to my home WiFi, I could not enter my password because it contains a \ symbol (backslash, not forward slash). I searched all over the car's keyboard, tried difference combinations of using the Shift...
  4. Chan B

    Model 3 Wifi

    Anyone Know what kind of Wifi the Model 3 is using. As far as Google Mesh is concerned Its on able to go up to Max 284 Mbps and on a 5ghz channel. so I am assuming its wireless N. Kinda Weird Tesla didn't give wireless AC chipset for future use. any educational input would be appreciated.
  5. Ryan Ballantyne

    Benefit of wifi?

    Hey guys, I'm a new Model 3 owner (day 3 now), and have yet to connect my car to my home wifi. I'm unsure of the signal strength I would get in my garage (it's on the opposite side of the house from the router), and I know that it's poor in the driveway. I could fix this with different network...
  6. TirianW

    WiFi connection to home network

    I live in an area with poor to no cellular service (depending on carrier) and rely on broadband internet to get anything done at home (WiFi / femtocell / wired). With my current Nissan Leafs that just means that I can't use the app / website to do anything with my cars or get notifications from...
  7. Robert Pickel

    Complimentary data connectivity

    The Premium Upgrade says "two years of complimentary data connectivity." What sort of data connectivity do you get without the Premium Upgrade? This would include all data interface including software upgrades, as well as radio/music streaming away from home WiFi. Any idea what the data...