1. E

    How well does White Interior hold up over time? Any tips/recommendations?

    Title says it all, please feel free to link photo's/products. Also, is anyone interested in buying the white dash?
  2. O

    Like Tesla: Aftermarket White Seats

    Kim from Like Tesla is buying an aftermarket white seat/interior. Thoughts on waiting for Factory White vs installing a T Sportline White? I also noticed a T Sportline referral program URL is included in the video's description. $100 off $500+ purchase.
  3. n0mad17

    White Interior Availability

    Update 4/8/18: Elon has responded to a tweet mentioning that the white interior will come about as they hit 5k/week production, estimated to be around July. Similar timing as the dual motor version. I will be abandoning the white interior as I don't want to wait that long. Has anyone heard...