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    For Sale FS: like-new Arachnids + Michelin Super Sport tires

    Selling a like new OEM set of Model S 21" Black Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package (less than 500 miles). No curb or issues. We use our MS as a family car, and the ride is way too harsh compared to the 19". $4,000 / OBO. Located in Philly, and willing to meet half-way for in-person delivery...
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    Rim edge scratches under aero covers

    Fellow M3 owners, I took of my aero caps after driven about 1500 miles and noticed there are lots of scratches/smudges beneath where the rims of the underside of aero caps touches the alloy rim. Do any of you notice this issue? My car is currently getting some other paint/panel issues fixed at...
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    Toronto area: Curb rash fix?

    Hi, guys Where is the best place to get some light curb rash fixed (edge only) in Toronto? And, how much will this typically cost?