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  1. GetYourWheels

    Our own Tesla Model Y on the new AGLuxury Wheel AGL72

    AGLUXURY WHEELS AGL72 We just wanted to share a new design from AGLuxury Wheels and we got them on our own Tesla Model Y! Feel free to comment on them. This was the first set ever made for the AGL72. Machined in California USA. They are available in 19-24 inch. SPECS 22X10.5+35 All around...
  2. D

    For Sale FS: like-new Arachnids + Michelin Super Sport tires

    Selling a like new OEM set of Model S 21" Black Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package (less than 500 miles). No curb or issues. We use our MS as a family car, and the ride is way too harsh compared to the 19". $4,000 / OBO. Located in Philly, and willing to meet half-way for in-person delivery...
  3. A

    Rim edge scratches under aero covers

    Fellow M3 owners, I took of my aero caps after driven about 1500 miles and noticed there are lots of scratches/smudges beneath where the rims of the underside of aero caps touches the alloy rim. Do any of you notice this issue? My car is currently getting some other paint/panel issues fixed at...
  4. C

    Toronto area: Curb rash fix?

    Hi, guys Where is the best place to get some light curb rash fixed (edge only) in Toronto? And, how much will this typically cost?