wheel rims

  1. E

    SOLD For Sale: Model 3 18" Wheels no tires

    $300 Model 3 18" Wheels with No tires All wheels have scratches but not major, not bent. TPS included. Sold only as a set of 4. In Pasadena, CA. No shipping, local pick up only. Pictures below link: Email me at Jmk2888@yahoo.com For Sale: Model 3 18" Wheels no tires
  2. PiperPaul

    Rim protection for Canadian Tesla owners

    After seeing the post by @EVANNEX about DIY rim protection I bought a kit from Enannex which arrived today. It's very complete and I'm looking forward to installing it particularly to cover some minor rashes, and protect my wheel rims since the tires won't. However, I've now discovered that I...