1. JGD108

    Condensation/Water in Tail Lights

    Hi Got our first rain last night and this morning the driver side Tail Light shows fog/condensation inside the housing of the light. I've seen this in the forum on early models, this is worth a service visit I guess, anybody else has had that issue lately? Thanks!
  2. NYer

    Mini flood in garage with new Model 3

    I have had my Model 3 for ~ two months and love it. However, this evening we had a little surprise. We had light rain in my area this afternoon. How light? I turned off the auto-wipers because I felt that the Model 3 was overusing the blades, and I could get away with manually using the...
  3. DendeNYC

    Swamp Thing, water settling in door after rain

    Its been raining in NY on and off all summer and I've noticed that after it rains, I wake up the next morning open the rear driver side door and a pool of water dumps out on the floor. The inside of the car doesn't appear wet or even humid and as far as I can tell it only seem to be occurring on...