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  1. TetonTesla

    Model Y Paint Damage rear doors

    Greetings, My Model Y has experienced significant paint damage reported by other owners to the leading edge and bottom rear bump-out on the rear doors of the car from road debris being kicked up by the tires. Both driver and passenger rear doors appear to be “sandblasted” in these areas...
  2. drea.705

    Mobile Service in Northern Ontario

    Still on the fence for buying the Model 3 as I live in northern Ontario (a bit past where even superchargers don't exist) and have concerns over service. My question is: How does mobile service work up here (lets say Timmins for example)? Will they travel this far north? Is there a fee for them...
  3. R

    Charge Port Door - Manual Open Broke

    Charge port door will not open when manually pressed. This is caused by a missing parallelogram shaped piece of metal on the lower right underside of the door detaching. This metal piece falls off with a simple touch and can be lost very easily. So far my Model 3 and my father's have both had...