voice commands

  1. mirage

    Android app that hopefully makes your driving experience more fun

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.nebulam.teslaassist I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles. I recently released it and am trying to get Tesla drivers to try it out. Some of the main features are as follows (more features are shown in the video and...
  2. littlD

    V10.2 Voice Commands List (So Far, Add Ones You Discover)

    All, I'm starting to compile a list of Tesla Voice Commands. If you discover one, just fill in this form: Tesla Voice Commands Entry Form I'll be creating a spreadsheet and posting it here (V10.2 Tesla Voice Commands) for all of us to use and refer to. Happy voicing! UPDATE: We're up to 50...
  3. L

    Alexa Auto

    Just installed an Alexa Auto in my Model 3. Its an easy hookup and now-- Just looking for anyone who has any comments or suggestions for mounting -use- other ideas?