vinyl wrap

  1. nullze

    Tesla Model 3 Aero Mirror / Mirror Delete Kit

    Aero Mirror / Mirror Delete Kit for Tesla Model 3 on Kickstarter (UPDATE: Added Carbon Fiber Version Pic) Good Morning TOO, I have been working for a while now and wanted to get some feedback to see if this is something that others would want. After realizing that a Tesla software update had...
  2. Modern Image

    San Diego - FEYNLAB, PPF & Tint Group Buy

    Hi Everyone, My name is Enrico and I am the owner of Modern Image in San Diego. We are San Diego's exclusive FEYNLAB Self-Heal Plus installer and are excited to be joining this community. We are looking to add a couple of Teslas to our fleet and looking into the potential of Tesla loaner cars...
  3. Bryan Baker

    Photoshop a Model 3 in a chromatic blue vinyl wrap, ala the Mercedes SLS. Anyone?

    Plan A is that when I get my TM3, I'll get a chromatic blue vinyl wrap put on it. But I'd love to see it photoshopped with one in the meantime. Anyone have the photoshop chops?