vampire drain

  1. Oyinko

    Model 3 Vampire Drain Tracked

    Hello! I just bought a P3D and thought it would be interesting to track the vampire drain. The car has 250 miles and is parked in a well insulated garage in San Francisco (average temperature about 65°). I was on a business trip for 12 days and the car was parked in my garage during that...
  2. N

    Insomnia: Car Won't Sleep, Vampire Drain, & Tesla Doesn't Know Why

    Hey Guys, Wondering if I can get some help on this forum. I've had my Model 3 LR for about 2 months. I noticed about 2 weeks into ownership that it was draining about 1 mile per hour of battery life when it's parked in ambient temperatures. I turned off cabin overheat protection, rebooted the...
  3. TC3Tesla

    Vampire drain stats during shipping

    I just shipped my Model 3 from CA to Korea because we are military stationed there. The stats are: Shipped with 299 mile charge Arrived with 161 mile charge 47 days in transit Vampire drain & the small amount driving it on & off carriers equals 2.94 miles per day. I’m very happy because I was...