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  1. D

    Has V10 Autopilot Solved the Stationary Vehicle Problem?

    One of the most important advances that could take place with Tesla's Autopilot is one that it would be difficulty for any single driver to detect: it could get better at avoiding high-speed accidents. In the past, it's been a known limitation of Autopilot that it has difficulty recognizing...
  2. ironinside

    v10 Bugs

    Smart Summon is cool. The car really does drive itself. Onlookers FREAK OUT in some cases. Its also got some real bugs. M3D with FSD tried some really risky moves like trying to fit between two cement posts in two handicqpped parking spots. Another time it stopped and “looked” and then drove...
  3. Z

    Tesla Prepping v10 for wide rollout!

    It is my opinion based on previous patterns that Tesla is prepping final v10 build for wide FSD / Advanced software release in the next 4 days.