1. TrevP

    Product Review Jeda USB Hub for Model 3 is here!

    Have the people at Jeda answered our prayers? First look at the new @getjeda USB hub for the Tesla Model 3! Have your prayers been answered??
  2. 101010

    USB drives - suggestions, issues, formatting, partitioning

    Is anyone else noticing that their USB drives are dying early deaths when being used for dash cam videos? I'm on my 2nd dead USB now, having only owned the car since November. The first USB was older, so I wrote off its untimely demise as a fluke. But I bought a brand new Kingston Digital...
  3. TrevP

    Tesla connectors poll. What would you prefer?

    Connectivity is crucial in this modern day and many people are struggling with Model 3 with wanting wireless charging, dashcam storage etc.. If you could have a voice with Tesla, what would you prefer to see in their cars?
  4. MTN Ranger

    MTN Ranger Videos

    Black brushed metal vinyl wrap on the center console.
  5. Rich M

    HD Radio and USB Ports

    HD Radio: So we already know AM radio is not available. On the 3 specs page it says "FM/Internet radio" but on the Model S specs it specifically mentions HD Radio. I wonder if it was an oversight or it just won't be available. There are a handful of HD2 stations around that play a great mix with...