usb music

  1. cnsf01

    USB Music Album Art

    Since 2020.44, my USB Album Art has disappeared and USB music no longer shows up in Recents. Does anyone else have the same problem? I am now on 2020.48.35.5 and still no album art or recents. I also find that when playing 176,400/24bit flacs, the audio buffer tends to choke mid-song Service...
  2. testar

    Audio Source Preference

    Here’s a new poll to find out what peoples audio preferences are...
  3. testar

    USB Music

    I was curious how many Tesla owners use USB for their music. I have always liked to play my own music in my car. It started with tapes and then CDs and now a USB flash drive. In the two years I have been driving my Tesla, the USB music player has gotten worse. It rarely remembers the song I was...