1. TrevP

    Official TOO Site Upgrade is here!

    It's been a couple of years since we've upgraded the site's core functionality so after much testing we're happy to report the site has been upgraded to the latest forum version. This brings a number of improvements : Keyword Linking Our system has a function that can link certain keywords like...
  2. MountainPass

    MPP.R Stoptech STR-60 368×35 Big Brake Kit

    MPP.R Stoptech STR-60 368×35 Big Brake Kit First batch shipping Mid-July 2020! Introductory Sale ends July 6th! When upgraded rotors aren’t enough, you need the MPP.R Big Boy Brake Kit A complete motorsport brake solution at an incredible value. These brakes can hang with the best in the world...
  3. Z

    Acceleration Boost!!!

    Acceleration Boost - is getting ready to roll out before Q4 closes. Let the celebration commence!
  4. Blkmamba_ev

    Question Upgrading Autopilot options

    Purchase a 2018 model 3 AWD with AP. Everything works fine but did not find Summon/ lane change etc. in the car, took it to service and they told me the option was not available when original owner ordered car. Wait for the update? I goto my portal and see if i can get the update and the update...
  5. Z

    Cheap wireless charger upgrade

    I came up with a cheap wireless charger upgrade if you have a 3D printer. You can find the files on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3554915 It is designed specifically for the Yootech wireless charger, the most highly reviewed one on Amazon. You'll need: 1) Wireless charger 2) USB power only...
  6. TheTony

    EXISTING/PENDING Autopilot and FSD orders OFFICIAL discussion

    It looks like the SR Model 3, with no PUP, is now available. The standard interior (non-PUP) model includes: Manual seat and steering adjustment Cloth seats and base trim Basic audio Standard maps and navigation Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection Auto dimming, power...
  7. MountainPass

    MPP Lightweight Lithium Battery Kit- Now In Stock!

    In stock and ready to ship. Shave 24 pounds off the front of your Model 3 with our tested Lithium 12V battery replacement. EarthX ETX900 Lithium Ion Battery designed and manufactured in the USA – originally intended for aircraft! Over 6 months of testing, including deep sleep and OTA updates...
  8. O

    Custom Steering Wheels

    I am window shopping on some Model 3 upgrades, but thoughts on custom steering wheels: go with real carbon fiber or open pore wood? If I go with carbon fiber, I would preferably have a matching dashboard. The wood looks smoother than the Model 3 dashboard.