1. R

    12/31/21 software update

    Does anyone have a link to tutorials on the 12/31/21 update? Many of the prior tool bars prior are presumably embedded elsewhere but I am unable to find them all.
  2. TrevP

    Official Tesla Owners Online Forum Tutorial

    Getting Started Registering: In order to participate here you will need to register for an account. Click the register button or Join Now on the home page. Select an account type - we have several to chose from (free, or paid membership with extra benefits). Then choose a username and a strong...
  3. JP White

    In car tutorials streamed from vimeo?

    Has anyone noticed that the in car tutorials in the entertainment menu have the Vimeo video controls? I wonder if Vimeo will be added as a streaming option soon?
  4. GateFather

    YouTube Channel: The Techlology Guy - Tesla Videos

    Hey Everyone, this is my show where I’m focusing mostly on Tesla but will mix some other Tech in eventually as well! I’m just starting out but so far I have 4 episodes. I’m going to post each here in a separate post so I can link back to them individually should they become relevant and helpful...
  5. TrevP

    How-To Model 3 Tutorial Videos by TOO

    Very excited to unleash a set of 15 comprehensive Model 3 tutorial videos, perfect for newcomers or those still waiting for their cars. Subscribe today! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY3Dco1yachgYwbaOR0szAi-_8-ya7y6S