1. $ Trillion Musk

    $1 trillion market cap

    TSLA stock surpassed the $1 trillion USD market cap today. What are you doing next?
  2. GigaTexas

    Tesla owners travel preferences

    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  3. GigaTexas

    TSLA owner and prepping for Tesla real estate (RE) property!

    It is a blessing and an honor to join Tesla Owners Online (TOO) as another avid Tesla fan who personally believes there is a 5x or 10x move coming from TSLA (do not know when and am only speaking from my own opinion). There must be multiple other people in this forum that also have very...
  4. MelindaV

    TSLA Stock Price Discussion - 2020 Q1

    $TSLA closed out 2019 at $418.33. 2020 feels like it should be a great year for Tesla, we shall see if the market agrees.

    The symbolism behind Elon Musk's decision to send a Tesla into space [Video]

    After yesterday's jaw-dropping spectacle from SpaceX, many are asking: what's the real reason Elon Musk chose to send a Tesla Roadster into outer space on his almighty Falcon Heavy rocket? The Atlantic attempted to answer that question and notes, "The decision to launch a Tesla into an orbit...

    Elon Musk an opponent of artificial intelligence? Far from it.

    Elon Musk’s cautionary statements about uncontrolled experimentation with artificial intelligence (AI) have caused some to ridicule him as a fear-monger, and have given many in the mainstream press the idea that he is opposed to using AI, which is very far from the truth. In fact, AI is a major...

    Buggy Whips and Batteries: Electric vehicles emerge with Tesla leading the charge

    Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] has ignited a feeding frenzy in the automotive world. If you don't think legacy automakers are concerned about Tesla, consider this: according to the Wall Street Journal, one enterprising company is "selling data and technical insights to Tesla competitors — for upward of...

    Behind the bluster: Bob Lutz vs. Elon Musk

    In this corner, the father of the Chevrolet Volt, an auto industry veteran who has held senior positions at Chrysler, Ford and BMW, an unlikely advocate for EVs - a cigar-chomping ex-Marine who has called climate change “a crock.” Bob Lutz! Above: Bob Lutz and Elon Musk make an appearance...

    New Study: Electric cars cost less than half as much to drive

    A common misconception is that electric cars are more expensive than their internal combustion engine equivalents. When looking at the total cost of ownership, this just isn't the case. Furthermore, Forbes reports: "Electric vehicles cost less than half as much to operate as their...

    Tesla goes from IPO to surpassing Ford in value in just 7 years [Infographic]

    The story of Tesla is a fascinating one by any measure: a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs get together to start a car company, a feat that business-school professors have been using as the definition of economic impossibility for decades, and after only a few years they build a company...

    Will Big Auto go the way of Big Tobacco?

    It’s an open secret that Big Auto’s electrification efforts are mainly for the benefit of government regulators and the media. Even as they announce impressive-sounding investments in technology, and new plug-in models to be launched years down the road, they invest next to nothing in marketing...

    Panasonic talks Tesla and teases the future of car tech [Video]

    Panasonic, the Japanese electronics giant, has supported Tesla since its early days. Panasonic started working with Tesla in 2007. By 2010, Panasonic invested $30 million for a multi-year collaboration with Tesla developing lithium-ion battery cells for its electric vehicles. More recently...

    Tesla Holds a Private Event for Model 3 in Miami [Gallery]

    Late Wednesday afternoon, I received a text from my wife: “Did you get the invitation for the Tesla (Model) 3 in Aventura mall?” My response: “?!?!?” Tesla sent her an email for an invitation only event to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Aventura store in Miami, guest starring Model 3...

    Three ways to get your hands on a Tesla Model 3 now [Video]

    Perhaps you've reserved your Tesla Model 3 but haven't taken delivery of your car yet. Or maybe you're keen on the Model 3 but need to see it in-person before making your reservation. Sure, you can fly to the Tesla factory and hope to spy a Model 3 in the company parking lot. Then again, you...

    Millennials and men pick Tesla Model S as their 'dream car' [Infographic]

    The Tesla Model S has won its share of awards and accolades since its launch in 2012. Sure, critics seem to love Tesla's flagship sedan but what about Joe Public? According to a new survey of 2,000 of American-based car owners, both millennials and men chose the Tesla Model S as their top 'dream...

    New Paradigm: Here's how Tesla redefines the auto business

    Tesla’s original mission was to electrify the world’s transportation system. Along the way, that expanded into a reboot of the entire automotive industry. By the time it’s all over, Tesla will have redefined not just the way cars are fueled, but the way they are designed, manufactured, marketed...

    GM exec: We're not trying to woo away Tesla Model 3 reservation holders with Chevy Bolt

    Although Tesla finished the year with record sales, it's gotten off to a slow start with the Model 3. With a 455,000- person wait list, a lengthy wait lies ahead for plenty of Model 3 reservation holders. Automotive News reports, "That leaves an opening for other EV makers, such as Chevy, to woo...

    Winter Wonderland: Tesla owners are having plenty of fun in the snow [Video]

    Don't try this in your Tesla. It's definitely not advised — but it sure looks like fun. According to AutoEvolution, in Moscow, "one could grab an American electric tank (read: a Tesla Model S) and try to embrace the Russian winter... Alan Enileev has recently brought us an adventure that sees a...

    Tesla Tips: Set up your Model 3 personal charging infrastructure [Video]

    At EVANNEX we always try to design and develop great accessories that Tesla owners will love. But we also try to contribute to the Tesla community by developing useful information that can help Tesla owners better understand their vehicle and the emerging EV marketplace. This mini-tutorial is...

    With charging, Tesla gets the best of both worlds [Video]

    One popular point of confusion among electric vehicle newbies (and the mainstream press) is that non-Tesla charging networks are incompatible with Tesla vehicles. Oftentimes, all it takes is a simple charging adapter, and a Tesla can use virtually any charging point — even if it's been funded by...

    Will BMW be the first automotive icon to fall to Tesla?

    It’s a little early to predict that Tesla will drive the giant global automakers, one by one, into bankruptcy. However, there’s no question that some brands are already feeling the shockwaves from the electric automaker’s rise, especially in certain market segments. Above: BMW 7 series and...

    Moving into a new home here can get you a free Tesla

    If you're thinking of moving into a new home, this must-have amenity could prove very appealing. According to MENAFM, "Damac Properties is offering a new Tesla with the purchase of select units from its portfolio of luxury villas and apartments during this Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). For...

    Virtual Showroom: Take an immersive 3D tour of a fully-loaded Tesla Model X P100D

    EV Hire recently started booking a fleet of ludicrous P100D Teslas to locals in Britain. Daryl Pearce, EV Hire's founder, explains with pride: "The Tesla vehicles that I stock are the fastest production cars ever produced to date. I mean, the Model S P100D is proven to be faster than a Bugatti...

    Here’s how electric vehicle adoption has grown worldwide [Infographic]

    If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t need to be convinced that electric cars (especially Teslas) are the future. However, most of us often find ourselves having to explain what’s going on to less-enlightened friends, co-workers and relations. For those who read about electric vehicles...
  25. $ Trillion Musk

    What would it take to catch up to Tesla?

    The automotive industry has no choice but to go electric or go extinct. We now know for sure because of the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster, and the fact that countries such as France and China will be banning gasoline powered cars in about a dozen years or so. Despite what Tesla has been able to...

    Tesla Model S P100D takes on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S [Video]

    We recently featured a drag race in which the Tesla Model S P100D took on some of Germany's finest. Tesla handled some fierce competitors from the likes of BMW and Audi but one of Germany's most lethal cars wasn't on the track — the almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S. So Top Gear decided to pit these...

    Kman’s tips and tricks for Tesla owners [Video]

    Kman has been producing videos about Tesla since 2013, when he took delivery of a 60 kWh Model S. His latest opus is a four-part collection of handy tips and tricks for Tesla drivers. Above: A look at Kman's original Tesla "aero" wheels, now discontinued, on his 2013 Model S (Facebook...

    These U.S. cities and states are embracing electric vehicles

    We recently uncovered the top cities worldwide where today's electric vehicle movement is taking hold. Much of the action appears to be cities located in China and Norway. That said, what about cities in the United States? CBS News points out that, "[US] Cities this summer banded together to...
  29. Mark Benson

    Will Tesla build own autopilot chip much better than a chip company?

    A question popped up in my mind when going through a discussion in one of my favorite site. Will Tesla build autopilot chip much better than a chip company? http://alphastreet.com/p7da1d7d

    The ultimate holiday gift guide for Tesla owners [Video]

    After purchasing a Tesla, it transforms into a trusted friend — perhaps even a cherished member of your family. At this time of year, it's not unusual to buy presents for your friends and family. Naughty or nice, why not put your Tesla on Santa's list? Above: Santa's got a new sleigh for...