1. E

    Exposed primer at interior jambs / trunk

    I recently noticed a bit of a paint issue on my beautiful new blue model 3: it seems to be missing a coat or two of paint on the door jam. Part of it this area looks like bare metal, while other areas appear to be missing a coat or two of paint. Curious how upset others would be at this...
  2. littlD

    Custom Luggage - Frunk and Trunk

    All, I just contacted Oscar and Hamish, who makes custom luggage for Model S and X, when we can expect a set for the Model 3. Maybe we can discuss here!
  3. Scrutmonkey

    LED strip Trunk Lighting

    I got bored. I did this mod to the trunk on my old Hybrid Altima. I ran two 12v LED strips and spliced them into the side Led wiring. I can see in the TM3’s dark rear cave-like trunk now.
  4. C

    Child / Trunk reminder?

    Does Tesla do rear-seat / trunk reminders? I remember seeing this feature somewhere.. can't remember where. If just before embarking on a trip (5-10 minutes) you open the trunk... or a rear door .. or add weight to the back seat... and then drive somewhere (especially home) .. The car will...
  5. I

    I need help from an M3 owner with a tape measure

    I have my invite to configure but I need to know for sure if my hobie inflatable kayak ( in its case ) will fit. The dimensions provided by Tesla and other reviews have not been what i need and I cant find a real M3 in South Florida to look at. I need the width at the lowest point W ( not the...
  6. R

    What About this Model 3 Wagon?