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  1. John

    Here’s What Fits in a Model Y

    Essentially a full storage cart stacked almost six feet high. Boxes are wide, too. Did not use frunk, and only put one small item on passenger seat.
  2. S

    For Sale Model 3 Trunk and Frunk Power lifts with foot wave

    Looking to sell a kit for both frunk and trunk. Never opened, brand new, shipping tape is still on. Looking to sell at buying price. Had a change a heart after purchasing. Description: The Hansshow TESLA Model 3 Power Trunk and Frunk liftgates are the best you can buy. These units allow you to...
  3. Omega

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!!!

    Hi everyone, I found this video from i1Tesla about the power liftgate for trunk and frunk for Model 3. I'm aware of the Teslaoffer product. However, this product seems to be much better in price, simpler installation, features (can open/close from the screen besides app and fob), and does...
  4. maxmoq

    Model 3 Corrosion issue

    I found corrosion on the trunk height adjuster studs. Anyone else have this issue? Unscrew yours and check. My model 3 is 2 months old.
  5. E

    Exposed primer at interior jambs / trunk

    I recently noticed a bit of a paint issue on my beautiful new blue model 3: it seems to be missing a coat or two of paint on the door jam. Part of it this area looks like bare metal, while other areas appear to be missing a coat or two of paint. Curious how upset others would be at this...
  6. littlD

    Custom Luggage - Frunk and Trunk

    All, I just contacted Oscar and Hamish, who makes custom luggage for Model S and X, when we can expect a set for the Model 3. Maybe we can discuss here!
  7. Scrutmonkey

    LED strip Trunk Lighting

    I got bored. I did this mod to the trunk on my old Hybrid Altima. I ran two 12v LED strips and spliced them into the side Led wiring. I can see in the TM3’s dark rear cave-like trunk now.
  8. C

    Child / Trunk reminder?

    Does Tesla do rear-seat / trunk reminders? I remember seeing this feature somewhere.. can't remember where. If just before embarking on a trip (5-10 minutes) you open the trunk... or a rear door .. or add weight to the back seat... and then drive somewhere (especially home) .. The car will...
  9. I

    I need help from an M3 owner with a tape measure

    I have my invite to configure but I need to know for sure if my hobie inflatable kayak ( in its case ) will fit. The dimensions provided by Tesla and other reviews have not been what i need and I cant find a real M3 in South Florida to look at. I need the width at the lowest point W ( not the...
  10. R

    What About this Model 3 Wagon?