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  1. M

    Upsize to 235x45x19 tires

    I currently have the optional TESLA 19" Sport Wheels with stock 235x40x19 tires on my LR RWD Model 3. I am planning to UPSIZE to 235x45x19 tires for more comfort... I do not see the larger diameter 235x45x19 tire offered on the User Interface [UI] list of tire sizes. What size tire should...
  2. MidnightP3DPlus

    Anyone replace their OE PS4S Tires with an all-season option?

    I’ve got 25K miles on the PS4S tires and the rear tires are now at 2/32. Fronts may have 3/32. I need to get a new set of tires and I don’t want to go back with summer tires for several reasons, but the range impact they have is the biggest. I’m looking at either sticking with the stock...
  3. O

    Tire Replacement

    Does anyone have a recommendation regarding a replacement tire for my Model S (75D)? Specifically whether I need to get the Tesla rated “quiet/noise reduced” tire? OEM tire purchased with the vehicle was a Good Year Eagle 245/45/19 (98) tire. This was a “TO”, or Tesla rated noise reduced tire...
  4. T

    What size tires/rims come with Performance

    Hi guys. Was hoping one of you gurus could give me some quick answers. My brother wants to order a performance Y tomorrow when he goes to pick up his 3 from service and I haven’t been following the Y very closely so I couldn’t answer his questions. First, what does the Performance with...
  5. Flaximus

    For Sale OEM 18" Model 3 Michelin tires; buy 1, 2, or 4; 7.5K miles, NYC area

    I’ve bought summers and winters so I no longer need the OEM all-seasons that came on my car. My car was built in May of this year 2019 so the tires are pretty fresh. No damage, just 7,500 miles. They’re in my shed right now so I don’t have photos handy, honestly there’s not much to see. But if...
  6. A

    Retreaded Tires?

    I randomly stumbled upon an interesting little documentary on YouTube about rubber and retreaded tires. Has anyone been able to find retreads for the Model 3? I feel with these type of tires having a small environmental impact, Tesla owners would be all over them. However I can't seem to find...
  7. eXntrc


    Did you know that your tires may have come with a factory OEM warranty from Michelin? I sure didn't, but it just saved me $400 bucks! Last Saturday I got a nail in my tire. It was a slow enough leak that I drove it to Discount tire. It was non-repairable because it was too close to the side...
  8. Mysta

    For Sale: Performance 20" Rims + TPMS/Tires(~2000 miles)

    $2500 OBO - No issues, no curb rash, no holes, pretty fresh tires.(Pilot Sport 4S with acoustic foam), ceramic coated. Clean etc. Prefer local(Greenville, SC) will meet halfway to Charlotte/Atlanta etc. Comes with caps/lugs
  9. ClarkJoeKent

    For Sale in Georgia: 21" Silver Arachnid wheels, tires & TPMS package for Model S or X

    Tesla Model S or X 21" Silver Arachnid performance wheels, tires, and TPMS set is brand-new, unused, and super rare. These cannot be purchased from Tesla anymore (limited edition). They will be installed at the Alpharetta-Roswell Tesla service center for FREE. We no longer own our Model S, which...
  10. JoeLustig

    17’ Model X75 with 14k tires?

    I knew the tires wouldn’t last too long. I have 14k miles in 15 months, the outside edges of the front tires are very low. Psi is always right around 45. Suspension adjusts for some parking lots ect and I just adjusted the auto lowering to very high speeds (heard this could tear up the tires...
  11. N

    SOLD: Tesla Model 3 18" OEM Tires, Wheels, Aero Covers, TPMS, and Cap Set <1300 Miles - Nashville, TN - $1250

    I'm selling my OEM Wheels and Tires from my 2019 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range. The Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45WR18 tires have 95% tread remaining and <1300 miles of highway use . As most folks know, these wheels can be used without the hubcap and look great!. However, I'm including the Aero Wheel...
  12. thril

    SOLD: Set of Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires

    Asking $375 OBO. Got the car last June, we put winter tires on the 18" Aero wheels that came with the car in October and I just bought 19" wheels for summer, so looking to sell a set of 4 tires off the rims/wheel since they don't fit my new wheels. Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tire 235/45R18...
  13. C

    FS: 18" Model 3 Aero Wheels and Tires Set

    Selling my OEM wheels and tires from my Model 3. The set is practically new with only 3250 miles on them. Asking $1000 OBO (Los Angeles). Will ship if buyer pays shipping. Includes : 4x 18" Tesla OEM wheels 4x Michelin Primacy MXM4, 235/45-18, 98W tires in good condition 4x Tesla Aero hub...
  14. T

    First week and flat tire. What to do?

    Took Delivery of my Model 3 DM last week. Just woke up this morning to find a screw in my rear right tire. I am inflating it now to see if i can drive it to a nearby tire shop, but I wanted to know from everyone if it is worth taking it (or getting it towed) to the service center for this...
  15. J

    SOLD: Model 3 Set of 18" Aero Wheels, Tires, TPMS included. Boston area $1400 OBO

    Hello, Selling a set of Model 3 18" Aero wheels. Stock Michelin MXM4 Primacy tires, 478 miles driven. TPMS included. Three of the wheels are perfect, one wheel has a small nick as shown in 1st (left wheel), 2nd, and 3rd pics. Easily fixable as shown near bottom of this thread , I'm just lazy :)...
  16. RyanH

    245/40-R19 performance comparison

    Hi all, I have been running 245/40-R19 tires for a while, and wanted to compare my range specs with others to see if I’m taking a bigger hit that I thought I would. Came from 18” Aero wheels. O.E. Tire weight: 25lbs. OE wheel weight with cover: 23lbs Who else is running this size tire? Have...
  17. F

    FOUR Model 3 18" Aero Wheels + Michelin tires + TPMS sensors + Covers -$999 Bay Area

    Hello, I have a set of 4 Aero Wheels, Tires and covers for sale. The tires has about 350 miles on it. Everything perfect condition except there are small scuffs on one of the wheels. See attached pictures, I do not ship but maybe able to deliver. I am in San Francisco. Asking for $999 for all 4
  18. Oyster Bait

    WTB 4 Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires 245/45/18

    I'm looking for 4 Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires 245/45/18 with as few miles as possible. I'm in central Florida and obviously pickup is preferred. Thanks for looking.
  19. Doug Joubert

    Steering Wheel Shakes when Dropping to ~40 MPH

    One of my family's favorite things to do is to accelerate off a stop light, then ease up and go back to the speed limit. We don't go too far over, just enough to get the feel for the M3's acceleration. As of about a week ago, the steering wheel started to shudder when we dropped to about 40...
  20. M

    19" Tires for Performance Model? Anyone Do This?

    Don't want 18s Don't want 20s AWD Performance Model without Performance Upgrade, came with 18" Aeros TireRack says 19" tires for AWD Performance must have a Load Index of 98, which is what the MXM4 tires that came with the 18" Aero wheels are. Problem is that the 19" tire size for the AWD and...
  21. SilverShadow

    SOLD: 19" Sport Wheels + Tires + TPMS + Caps - Bay Area Pickup

    M3 schedule for delivery very soon.. Thinking about swapping the wheels immediately, so just want to test to see if there is any interests for a brand new(take offs) set of 19" sport wheel with original tires, tpms and caps.. Assuming they will be delivered in perfect condition.. I should be...
  22. B

    20" Performance Wheels & Tires for SALE - $3,150 OBO

    Really excited to get my P3D+ delivered any day now, "by late September," per Tesla. Upon delivery, taking the car straight from the delivery center to a local shop for modifications, including changing out the wheels. If you've been considering upgrading to the 20" wheels, this is a great...
  23. W

    Let's talk about tires...

    We've only put 1,300 mi on our 3 so far, but as my wife's daily driver it gets at least 550/mi per week. She's not an aggressive driver but no light-foot either. If the life of the tires truly ends up being ~20k, we're looking at yearly tires. I know there probably aren't too many people...
  24. Travelwolf

    had tires rotated, now they squeal- why??

    So I took Nik on a road trip, went 4500 miles (see here for the blog I had 2k miles on the car before i left. I scheduled a tire rotation for a few days after I got home since I was over the 6250 recommended rotation point. Ever since I got the car back one or both of...
  25. RAS550

    0-60, Skidpad grip and Braking - 18" vs 19" wheels

    I placed an order for the dual motor with 18 inch wheels last week, and then saw the Edmunds track tests comparing the 18" and 19" packages. According to them, the 19 inch wheels/tires are better in following ways: 1) Skidpad improves from 0.85g to 0.93 g, which is HUGE imo. 2) 0-60 improves by...
  26. batzman

    Denver Colorado Upgrade Mechanics?

    Now that I've seen more Model 3's in Denver, Colorado and as an owner myself, I'd like to find a reputable location to do some of my upgrades. I'm going to start with Unplugged Performance springs, which I have now received. Does anyone have any suggestions here in Denver for me to allow work...
  27. JeffC

    That $5k Performance Upgrade option, Part Deux

    (Some of this has been mentioned separately in other threads, but new information about the $5k Performance Upgrade option (gonna call it PUO here) available only with the Performance version of Model 3 helps clarify and consolidate some thoughts about it.) I currently have the $5k Performance...
  28. Bokonon

    OEM Wheel and Tire Widths vs. Model S

    Here's a question for the wheel and tire gurus on the forum: Why do the OEM wheel + tire setups for the Model 3 include 8.5" wheels paired with 235mm tires, while the base Model S features 8" wheels paired with 245mm tires? What factors may have influenced this design decision? I started...
  29. R

    Anyone else interested in participating in a Winter Wheel & Tire group buy?

    Snow isn't that far away for some of us, so we need to start planning our snow outfit :) I normally prefer Nokians, on downsized OEM rims, but this combination may not be an option. The Tesla solution is pretty expensive, and I really prefer Nokian Hopefully we can find a shop interested in...
  30. Maevra

    Switching wheels from 18's to 19's

    After 20 million years we finally got around to switching our aeros 18's for the stiletto 19's. Once the wheels were on, we drove around the block so the sensors could calibrate. The car detected that the wheels had changed and asked us to confirm the new size (choice of 18, 19, or 20) and reset...

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