1. O

    Tire Replacement

    Does anyone have a recommendation regarding a replacement tire for my Model S (75D)? Specifically whether I need to get the Tesla rated “quiet/noise reduced” tire? OEM tire purchased with the vehicle was a Good Year Eagle 245/45/19 (98) tire. This was a “TO”, or Tesla rated noise reduced tire...
  2. A

    For Sale Cables for 18" wheels – BRAND NEW Peerless Chain Passenger Tire Cables

    Price: $30 Brand new, sealed Peerless Peerless Chain Passenger Tire Cables, #0175555, designed to fit 235/45R18 (Model 3 18" wheels). I assume it shouldn't have an issue with Tesla wheels (rated for class-S clearance) but please double check yourself. Got given chains for Christmas, so the...
  3. C

    Original 2016 Tesla Model S 19" Wheels w/ TPMS Sensor / Michelin Tires - $650

    I upgraded to 21" wheels from my referral bonus, hence selling my old wheels. Located in SF bay area. They are from 2016 models S, including original wheels with Michelin Primacy Mxm4 tires (245/45R19). The total miles on the tires is about 35K. Overall very good condition except some scratch...
  4. osovega40

    Winter Tire discussion

    I am sure I am going to get some hate for posting this just as summer is beginning but does anyone have any recommends for winter tires on a Tesla?. I was looking at the Nokian’s as I have heard good things. Thoughts?
  5. Urs

    Road/Tire Noise

    Has anybody been able to reduce the tire/road noise on rough pavements? It is like sitting inside a drum or a resonating chamber on certain road surfaces. Other surfaces are very quiet./ I already tried to stuff the frunk and the the trunk with pillows and blankets - hardly any difference. I...