tire size

  1. eXntrc


    Did you know that your tires may have come with a factory OEM warranty from Michelin? I sure didn't, but it just saved me $400 bucks! Last Saturday I got a nail in my tire. It was a slow enough leak that I drove it to Discount tire. It was non-repairable because it was too close to the side...
  2. TE3LA

    Wheel/Tyre Discussion

    Elon confirmed early on in a tweet reply to Model 3 Owners Club that the prototype wheels used at the Model 3 reveal will be produced. Since then, I haven't seen anything further about the wheel design, specifically what appears to be a single, center-point attachment, similar to formula-one...
  3. RyanH

    245/40-R19 performance comparison

    Hi all, I have been running 245/40-R19 tires for a while, and wanted to compare my range specs with others to see if I’m taking a bigger hit that I thought I would. Came from 18” Aero wheels. O.E. Tire weight: 25lbs. OE wheel weight with cover: 23lbs Who else is running this size tire? Have...