tire rotation

  1. Nautilus

    Recommended tire rotation interval reduced - now 6250 miles (10K km)

    Latest North American manual available online (v 2020.20, dated 27-May-2020), page 189, now recommends that tires be rotated every 6,250 miles (10,000km) vs. the previously recommended 10,000-12,000 (16,000-20,000km). Having just repaired a punctured tire (a short screw embedded itself in the...
  2. O

    Tire Replacement

    Does anyone have a recommendation regarding a replacement tire for my Model S (75D)? Specifically whether I need to get the Tesla rated “quiet/noise reduced” tire? OEM tire purchased with the vehicle was a Good Year Eagle 245/45/19 (98) tire. This was a “TO”, or Tesla rated noise reduced tire...
  3. SwaggerWagon

    Where to get tires rotated in Wisconsin/MKE area?

    Anybody know of a place that can jack up Model 3's in the MKE area? I just took mine to Costco in Grafton for tire rotation as they said they've worked on Tesla's before but they no longer work on X's due to the falcon wing doors. Thought it would be fine for the 3 but turns out they don't have...