1. MountainPass

    Speed Academy Model 3 RWD Track Review

    Dave Pratte from Speed Academy has another go at the MPP Model 3 RWD now sporting 275/35R19 tires all around. Will it continue to understeer? Will it overheat in one lap like the ICE guys want it to? Will Dave ever manage a clean lap? Will the YouTube comments be full of people...
  2. SoFlaModel3

    Model 3 earns a perfect 5-star rating in every safety category from NHTSA

  3. TrevP

    First video of a performance Model 3!?

    A tipster sent me a video last night... I got a report a couple of days ago of a black Model 3 with red brake callipers being tested at the Fremont track. Person said they were also testing other Model 3s but this one was noticeably faster at the acceleration run spot. There's been some...
  4. jkchiang

    Paint colors

    Came across these paint color renderings to give people an idea of how the 3 looks in other paint colors. Have to admit the white with black wheels looks sexy as hell. http://electrek.co/2016/04/08/tesla-model-3-colors/