1. A

    Resolved Teslafi Won't Allow P3D to Sleep (CORRECTION - STATS APP)

    I originally had this question in another post, but didn't want to hijack his thread. I tried (and still love) Stats, but thought I'd look into TeslaFi for its richer data set. Although this isn't rocket science, I can't get my P3D to sleep while using TeslaFi. I'll consistently loose >3%...
  2. littlD

    Using TeslaFi To Add "Features" - What's Your Favorite?

    All, I recently setup TeslaFi to start the HVAC on a regular schedule. Got me wondering, that's a "Feature" I would have wanted Tesla to add to the car. TeslaFi's schedule capability gives me some easy access to the car's API. Maybe we can share ours here...