1. potatoee

    Battery Longevity

    Hey all: TeslaFi just added a capability to compare your battery range to the rest of the fleet. When doing the comparison, it does so by comparing vehicles at similar odometer readings. I was rather surprised to find out that my car is at the 94th percentile. To the best of my knowledge the...
  2. Bigriver

    My Solar Year in PA

    2019 was our first complete year of having our solar panels installed and producing for us. It was a very good year. It is an 11.97 kW system with 38 panels, of which 13 face Southeast and 25 face Southwest. The system was estimated to produce 13,600 kWh per year, but our actual for this year...
  3. Stats App

    Tesla battery after 11k miles

    My Tesla model 3 battery is holding up well after 11k miles.
  4. A

    Resolved Teslafi Won't Allow P3D to Sleep (CORRECTION - STATS APP)

    I originally had this question in another post, but didn't want to hijack his thread. I tried (and still love) Stats, but thought I'd look into TeslaFi for its richer data set. Although this isn't rocket science, I can't get my P3D to sleep while using TeslaFi. I'll consistently loose >3%...
  5. littlD

    Using TeslaFi To Add "Features" - What's Your Favorite?

    All, I recently setup TeslaFi to start the HVAC on a regular schedule. Got me wondering, that's a "Feature" I would have wanted Tesla to add to the car. TeslaFi's schedule capability gives me some easy access to the car's API. Maybe we can share ours here...