tesla roadster

  1. T Sportline

    T Sportline Celebrates 6 Years!

    6 Years flies by in a whim. Although were were already working on Roadsters prior to the turn of the decade and early Signature Model S' in 2012, T Sportline was officially founded on April 25, 2013. We are thankful to all the customers and partners who have helped us get to where we are today...

    Elon Musk could be concealing charging and battery breakthroughs at Tesla

    Elon Musk and Tesla have made some bold claims for the new Tesla Semi and Roadster. Those who understand batteries have been scratching their figurative heads trying to figure out how the company can deliver the specs it’s promising - and concluding that the only possible way is some...
  3. $ Trillion Musk

    BMW offers free Tesla Advertising

    Not sure why BMW did this, but the 2019 i8 design serves as a quirky reminder of the Tesla Roadster.

    The dramatic origin story of Tesla Motors [Infographic]

    Today, it's no secret that Elon Musk is a rock star CEO and Tesla is a dazzling success story. Institutional Investor reminds us that, "It is the first automaker to go public since Ford in 1956... [and] the stock has soared more than 1,300 percent since Tesla went public in 2010." But, looking...
  5. Mark Benson

    Worldwide Electric Car Vs Tesla Sales

    Tesla revealed a new Tesla Roadster model, which will be on the road by 2020 starting at $200,000. Tesla expects to deliver 100,000 Model S & X vehicles in FY17. Worldwide electric car sales are expected to reach 9-20 million by 2020 and 40-70 million by 2025, according to IEA. A brief timeline...

    New book excerpt: How Tesla brought a systems approach to the automobile

    Everyone understands by now that Tesla does things differently than other automakers. However, most of the media attention centers on the vehicles’ performance (especially their 0-60 times), the marketing coup that the company performed in transforming electric cars from nerdy to cool, or the...