tesla model 3 pearl white

  1. N

    2019 Model 3 LR AWD with 19 wheels for sale

    SUMMARY 2019 MODEL 3. All Wheel-Drive. Richmond, Virginia AUTOPILOT Standard Autopilot: Enables Emergency Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Autosteer, Automatic Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. * This version can be upgraded to Full Self-Driving at current market...
  2. teslaraj

    For Sale 2018 LR RWD: Pearl White w/ FSD, 19", Rainbow Roof, Calipers, PPF, Tint and more!

    Okay Here is the deal $50,000 for my Model 3: Model 3 LR RWD — Pearl White (yes the same one I have used in all my videos!) https://youtube.com/teslaraj FSD -- with HW3 3M Crystalline Ceramic tint to all glass Original Full Rainbow Roof Free Premium connectivity Power frunk & trunk White...