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  1. aerbil13

    How can I work with Tesla ??

    Hi everyone’s, I’m from Türkiye and still I working a Italian company in turkey we’re doing montages of the yarn machine for everywhere in the world, so if is possible for me work with Tesla I wanna know how, thanks for reading
  2. maxmoq

    Model 3 Corrosion issue

    I found corrosion on the trunk height adjuster studs. Anyone else have this issue? Unscrew yours and check. My model 3 is 2 months old.
  3. GateFather

    YouTube Channel: The Techlology Guy - Tesla Videos

    Hey Everyone, this is my show where I’m focusing mostly on Tesla but will mix some other Tech in eventually as well! I’m just starting out but so far I have 4 episodes. I’m going to post each here in a separate post so I can link back to them individually should they become relevant and helpful...

    Tesla road trip hacks after driving through 48 states

    Originally published at evannex.com. Guest Contributor: Steve Sasman*; Editor’s Note: Driving both an older Model S and new Model 3, Steve went on an epic 48-state road trip visiting 107 Tesla stores and meeting over 500 Tesla employees. Here, Steve recounts some tips, tricks, and hacks driving...

    Elon Musk: The higher purpose of Tesla

    Originally published at evannex.com. With Tesla, Elon Musk set out to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy. With solar, battery storage, and electric cars, Musk is looking (deeply) at practical clean energy solutions for the planet. He's even opened the company's patents to expedite EV...

    Tesla road trip tales after traveling through 48 states

    Originally published at evannex.com. Guest Contributor: Steve Sasman*; Editor's Note: Driving both an older Model S and new Model 3, Steve went on an epic 48-state road trip visiting 107 Tesla stores, meeting over 500 Tesla employees, and uncovering helpful road trip hacks. Here, Steve recounts...

    Which Tesla is better for road trips, Model 3 or Model S?

    Originally published at evannex.com. Guest Contributor: Steve Sasman*; Editor's Note: Driving both an older Model S and new Model 3, Steve went on an epic 48 state road trip visiting 107 Tesla stores, meeting over 500 Tesla employees, and uncovering some helpful Tesla road trip hacks. Here...

    Forecasting Tesla Model 3 sales in 2019

    Originally published at evannex.com. Tesla’s Model 3 has quickly conquered the luxury car segment. In its first year on the market, the new EV sold an estimated 138,000 units in the US, beating out the Lexus RX, which sold 111,641 units, and sailing past the BMW 3 and 4 series, which sold...

    Why did Tesla acquire Maxwell Technologies?

    Originally published at evannex.com. Tesla’s acquisition of battery supplier Maxwell Technologies went mostly unnoticed by the mainstream press, but it could have a tremendous influence on the future of the California carmaker, and of the entire auto industry. Above: A sampling of batteries...

    Elon Musk tweets an important reminder of Tesla's open patents

    Originally published at evannex.com. As Elon Musk has said many times, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the electrification of transport. The company wants everyone to drive an electric car, even if it isn’t a Tesla. This is not just talk — in 2014, Tesla released its patents, making its...

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day the Tesla Way

    Originally published at evannex.com. This Valentine’s Day brings back an amusing Tesla story from a Model S owner in the UK. It turns out that he decided to transform his Model S into the ultimate lovemobile. How? He created a custom “My Valentine” license plate, included 100 giant Ecuadorian...

    New MIT video considers Tesla and the competitive self-driving landscape

    Originally published at evannex.com. Autonomous driving technology promises to unleash sweeping changes on our society. However (perhaps fortunately), it’s likely to be some time before self-driving cars become frequent sights on the roads. Above: A look at Tesla’s Autopilot (Instagram...

    Elon Musk knows how to get what he wants

    Originally published at evannex.com. Elon Musk took to Twitter recently and posted an image that looked like that infamous "say hello to my little friend" scene from Scarface. It was accompanied by a question, "Host meme review?" PewDiePie, a YouTube personality with an astounding 83 million...

    Auto Expert: Model 3 teardown proves Tesla's 'got magic' beneath the surface [Video]

    Originally published at evannex.com. Auto industry expert Sandy Munro probably knows as much about the inner workings of Tesla’s Model 3 as anyone outside of the company - he’s taken the electric sedan apart and examined every component to figure out how it works, where it came from and how...

    Think you can hack a Model 3? Tesla might just give you one free

    Originally published at evannex.com. Cars have been morphing into computers for a couple of decades now, but Tesla has taken the transformation to a new level. However, as every computer user knows, digitization means a panoply of ever-evolving security threats. Tesla has long worked with the...

    Want to get your question answered by Elon Musk on Tesla's next earnings call?

    Originally published at evannex.com. Tesla scheduled its next earnings call on January 30th and investors are ready for some big news. The Silicon Valley automaker will discuss its fourth quarter earnings and reflect on an impressive (albeit turbulent) 2018. More importantly, Elon Musk will...

    Tesla's Opportunity: China's EV market is 3x bigger than the US EV market [Video]

    Originally published at evannex.com. When Elon Musk was on-hand for the launch of Tesla's new Gigafactory in Shanghai, it was a groundbreaking occasion in more ways than one. The opportunity in China is enormous for Tesla. "China’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) reports that...

    These ‘Tesla Model 3 in Snow’ photos will send chills down your spine [Gallery]

    Originally published at evannex.com. Since it's the winter season, looking at freezing Model 3 photos will surely give you that ultra-cool feeling inside. So we've curated some 'Tesla Model 3 in Snow' photos for your viewing pleasure and present the following images as our favorites...

    The history of Tesla in five minutes [Video]

    Originally published at evannex.com. The history of Tesla is one of the most fascinating stories in business history - a quintessential American tale of technical innovation, marketing savvy and massive risk-taking. Those who aren’t ready to take the time for my 338-page history of the company...

    Elon Musk breaks new ground in China - in more ways than one

    Originally published at evannex.com. Above: After breaking ground in Shanghai, Elon Musk discusses plans for Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 (Twitter: @vincent13031925) “We hope you can get a firm foothold and expand the market,” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Musk. “We hope your company can become...

    Could this be the coolest Tesla charger ever?

    Originally published at evannex.com. In addition to designing sleek cars, Tesla also designs eye-catching electric vehicle chargers. However, someone else appears to be stealing the limelight. According to Inverse, “When Tony Caciolo put the finishing touches on his Tesla electric car charger...

    Norway is a hotspot for Tesla and electric vehicles

    Originally published at evannex.com. As the world slowly transitions to vehicle electrification, one country continues to sprint ahead. According to Quartz, "Half of all passenger cars sold in Norway [in 2018] were either all-electric or plug-in hybrids — a global record, according to the...

    J.D. Power: Tesla Model 3 is 'really dominating'

    Originally published at evannex.com Now that 2018 is in the record books, it’s clear that Tesla’s put the auto industry on notice. And 2019 could be even bigger. Jack Nerad at Forbes reports, “2019 will be a pivotal year for electric vehicles in general and Tesla Motors in particular, and...

    Wall Street Journal: Gas-powered cars could soon become the equivalent of 'flip phones'

    Originally published at evannex.com. Pulitzer Prize winning auto columnist, Dan Neil, discusses his next car in the Wall Street Journal — and it's going to be electric. He writes, "This is above all a pocketbook issue for me. A gas-powered vehicle would be too expensive. I plan to keep my next...

    Ignore the FUD, Tesla was the auto industry's champ in 2018

    Originally published at evannex.com. Much of this year was marked by a massive smear campaign against Elon Musk and his electric car company Tesla. FUD was at an all-time high. Ignore it. If you cut through the clutter, and instead, according to Wired, “If you focus on Tesla the company, then...

    Former Tesla Staffer: Carmakers wedded to old tech are 'headed for obsolesence'

    Originally published at evannex.com. Elon Musk is consistently accused of being late. Sure, Tesla typically takes longer to launch its electric cars than Musk’s overzealous timelines. But no one can argue with his sense of urgency to expedite EVs to market. On the other hand, how are legacy...

    Wall Street Analyst: Tesla's at a 'pivotal inflection point' in the company's story [Video]

    Originally published at evannex.com. Tesla is a polarizing stock on Wall Street. There are plenty of bulls and bears that work hard to make their case. However, there’s a new Wall Street analyst covering Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] who’s enthusiastic about the company’s potential but warns of great...

    Tesla’s new board chair, Robyn Denholm, says that ‘constructive conflict’ is important

    Originally published at evannex.com. Questions arose when Tesla announced its new board chair Robyn Denholm. How might the seasoned executive interface with Tesla's hard-charging CEO Elon Musk? Richard Walters (via Financial Times) reports that "Ms Denholm has always described herself as direct...
  29. Rhaekar

    Model 3 Airbag Service Warning On

    I had a new alert pop up on the UI today. "Airbag System Needs Service" I called the SC and they scheduled me in for next week. They said most likely it's just a faulty sensor and it's safe to drive but it'll probably take the day. Hopefully I get an X as a loaner so I can try and convince...