FINAL DAY for the EVANNEX Christmas in July Sale

    For more information, please go to: USE CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 off orders of $50 or more. Discounts up to 60% on products for all Models. Don't wait another minute, check it out. Here are a few product on sale: MODEL 3 & Y Car Cover...

    A man with Tesla superpowers, a SpaceX launch, and a meeting of the minds

    Originally published at on April 16, 2019. When Steve Sasman invited me to the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, I jumped at the chance. Steve and I met back in 2015 during his first 48-state Tesla road trip. At the time, Elon Musk tweeted Steve's blog post about his travels...

    Which Tesla is better for road trips, Model 3 or Model S?

    Originally published at Guest Contributor: Steve Sasman*; Editor's Note: Driving both an older Model S and new Model 3, Steve went on an epic 48 state road trip visiting 107 Tesla stores, meeting over 500 Tesla employees, and uncovering some helpful Tesla road trip hacks. Here...

    New MIT video considers Tesla and the competitive self-driving landscape

    Originally published at Autonomous driving technology promises to unleash sweeping changes on our society. However (perhaps fortunately), it’s likely to be some time before self-driving cars become frequent sights on the roads. Above: A look at Tesla’s Autopilot (Instagram...

    Think you can hack a Model 3? Tesla might just give you one free

    Originally published at Cars have been morphing into computers for a couple of decades now, but Tesla has taken the transformation to a new level. However, as every computer user knows, digitization means a panoply of ever-evolving security threats. Tesla has long worked with the...

    With back-to-back profitable quarters, Tesla now owns 80% of US EV sales

    Originally published at With back-to-back profitable quarters under its belt, Tesla is kicking off 2019 with an emphasis on financial discipline. Engadget reports, "Tesla's 2018 fourth-quarter results showed the company still made a profit ($139.5 million), but it was smaller than...