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  1. L

    What happens if Model 3 Mid Range is not delivered by Dec 31?

    Hello, Day 1 online reservation holder. Placed an order for Model 3 MR Red & White interior by Nov 30 which is what Tesla was guaranteeing End of year delivery to qualify for the $7,500 credit. But since I haven't got a VIN assigned yet, I am kind of skeptical if I will get my car delivered by...
  2. Burnchar

    Model 3 order: Sequence of events

    I am unclear on a few matters regarding my order. Perhaps those with recent orders can help fill me in? My purchase agreement states that the order was placed on 10/3/2018. The only option I selected was "Performance" (default color, default tires, mandatory premium interior) such that the...
  3. D

    Federal and CO Tax Credit Questions

    Hey there, I tried looking through the forums, but I can't seem to find a direct answer. I also have a question I don't think has been posted before. Federal Tax Credit -- Will this only wipe out taxes OWED but will not be given as a rebate? I keep seeing conflicting answers on this, so is...
  4. S

    Federal Tax Credit

    I'm evaluating the possibility of getting Model S. What's our time frame for the $7500 federal tax credit? Is it still in full effect or are we in the phase out period? I'm confused if the program adds S and X together for this credit or is it S separate and X separate for the 200,000 phase...
  5. MelindaV

    POLL: Will not getting the Federal Tax Credit change your plans

    So now that it looks like the US EV credit may be going away, how does this impact your plans? (if your exact situation is not listed, pick the closest option)
  6. Tesla2ElectricBoogaloo

    Model 3 now eligible for $2,500 MA state tax rebate

    Good news if you're ordering First Production: You'll be eligible for the $2,500 state rebate, on top of the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit.
  7. T

    Ordering process and timing change the decision process?

    I'm curious about how others are thinking about this -- first I have to layout some (potentially flawed) assumptions & questions.. Assumptions: - We'll receive an email the moment that the configurator is opened to us individually (more a question about whether it's worth refreshing each week...
  8. benthebear

    State Tax incentive investigation.

    Hi ya model3 owners club crew, and members! I have a question, has anyone looked into the advantages/disadvantages of buying a tesla from a state that has a higher tax rebate than the state you live in? Example, I live in CA max state credit is $2500, what if I were to become a resident(getting...
  9. HvyMtlChaos

    Can Trump Eliminate IRC 30D?

    IRC 30D (in case anyone doesn't know) is the IRS Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit code. I pre-ordered asap online the night of the reveal (est. around 100k or a little below) so I wasn't worried about it running out or getting less than the full credit before. However now I'm...

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