1. scottf200

    TACC (aka adaptive cruise cntrl) is herky-jerky (not smooth)

    I just did a 250 mile trip today on a mixture of rural roads, major highways, and 25K 'city' driving. I did notice that the 'adaptive cruise control' (TACC) aspect of following a car seems a little herky-jerky (or speed up, down, up, down) compared to the car I'm following. ScanMyTesla data on...

    Basic cruise VS TACC

    So with this new option, I am contemplating upgrading my model 3 to full self driving. One thing I didn’t like under the auto pilot when I tried it in version 8 was the traffic aware cruise control was very touchy versus basic cruise. I didn’t like how it reacts quickly. Has it gotten any better...
  3. JP White

    TACC/EAP and Zipper merge

    When on a congested highway, TACC tends to prevent others from merging into your lane from a merge lane. It could even incite road rage in the wrong circumstances. I like to let one guy/gal in in front of me using zipper merge protocol (yeah I know, only a few know what this is in the US). I...
  4. S

    Automatic lane change is not working any more on EAP but works on TACC

    I am noticing error when I try to do automatic lane change by doing lane change signal while on EAP, which reads "Automatic lane change unavailable, If issue persists, contact Tesla Service". As mentioned on the subject line it works on TACC but does not on EAP. I am on version 34.1 and started...