1. 8

    Extend Supercharger Credit Limit?

    So I have a credit because of a referral when I bought my LR DM M3... but it will expire at the end of July. I was planning a trip up the coast.... but.... I'm an old guy, and in that "high risk" category... So because of the Corona virus, I have only put about 20 miles a month on my M3 over...
  2. littlD


    It's time to plan out our Grand Tour of Canada, this time driving our 2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor. We'll follow part of the Fast EV Lightning Run at a much slower "tourist" pace, taking in all the sights, including a return trip to Yellowstone (#MiddieGoesToYellowstone) before returning...
  3. E

    Supercharging limit and avoiding the dreaded 'thunk' noise

    I wasn't able to find this topic covered so I apologize if it is a rehash but I am planning to use a supercharger for the first time on an upcoming road trip and had a question. Has anyone played with reducing the amp. limit while charging to avoid excess heat while charging? Reading about...
  4. Bobby Garrity

    320kW Charging?

    Some simple math reveals that the new Roadster should be capable of charging at at least 320kW. Let's take a look: -The Long Range Model 3, with a 75kWh battery, can achieve a peak charging rate of 120kW on a Supercharger -The base model new Roadster has a 200kWh battery -(120kW/75kWh) * 200kWh...
  5. RAS550

    How much would you pay for free lifetime supercharging?

    Elon's recent decision to offer either $ 5K refund at the cost of giving up free supercharging implicitly values the latter at $ 5K. Many people think its being overvalued, which some feel its a good deal. What would you pay for free lifetime supercharging for life?
  6. Alex Gayer

    Loud banging noise when supercharging

    I've had my car for nearly a month now and every time I use a supercharger, as long as it's pulling in about 50 kW or higher, the battery pack will make loud banging noises. It sounds like a hammer hitting the car or like flexing a large piece of steel and it popping. It becomes louder and more...
  7. Will M

    Supercharging cost discrepancy

    On Monday we tried some new-to-us superchargers in Peru, IL. The screen in the car reported a cost of $3.60 for our charging session, but when I look online on my tesla account, I was charged $5.56. Is this sort of discrepancy common?
  8. Will M

    Clunk while supercharging

    Yesterday we drove our Model 3 over to Peru, IL and used the superchargers there. A few minutes after connecting, we heard (and felt) quite a "thunk." I let the charger go beyond this point, for a total charge time of 12 minutes. Nothing else odd happened. The charging rate was amazing, topping...
  9. A

    What does it cost you to use Supercharging?

    Went to chage my TM3 at our nearest Tesla supercharging station and I was at 26% charged it to 90% which came out to $26.94. it's cheaper than gas but I was surprised at the cost. I previously filled up at work (no supercharger just regular EV charging station) and it cost me a little under $5...
  10. melonger

    Travelling the Maritimes - What is your experience?

    I'm going out with a group of friends in August to chill out in Halifax and area for a week. We did the trip last year after our wedding using my wife's work van (Grand Caravan), and we're really hoping to not have to do it again. We had originally planned to take our Model 3 Long range. To...
  11. @

    Model 3 initial feedback and delivery experience

    Just wanted to share some quick thoughts as I finally picked up my model 3 (camped out on 3/31/16 and first time Tesla owner) The experience picking up the car was amazing. Friendly customer service who took their time and went the extra mile. I think not taking delivery at the quarter...
  12. Corbyn Spencer

    Supercharging Cost Calculator for Model 3

    So I went ahead and made a rough calculator to assist in understanding the overall cost that is associated with the use of a supercharger with a model 3. If there is anything that I could improve on please let me know and I will do my best to adjust for that.
  13. T

    Video of Full Model 3 Supercharging Session

    Results: 10% at 109 kW in 7 minutes 20% at 116 kW in 11 minutes 30% at 116 kW in 15 minutes 40% at 116 kW in 19 minutes 50% at 112 kW in 23 minutes 60% at 83 kW in 28 minutes 70% at 67 kW in 34 minutes 80% at 51 kW in 42 minutes 90% at 32 kW in 53 minutes 100% at 14 kW in 72 minutes
  14. MelindaV

    Lifetime Supercharger by user detail changed (again)

    reddit user teslabargain noticed the terms for the lifetime supercharging has changed again. Now it is listed as carrying over to any new Model S / X purchased by the end of this year. Contrary to the understanding from a month or so ago that sounded like ANY future Model S / X purchase by an...
  15. TrevP

    CPOs after December 31 lose lifetime Supercharging

    A few days ago a Tesla removed all references to Supercharging from their CPO site. Many were thinking,including myself, that means Tesla is removing Free lifetime Supercharging for CPOs and moving their fleet of used cars to the new credit system. Today I received positive confirmation from...
  16. Skione65

    Supercharging (Model 3)> Free or Pay?

    All, So it has been stated that Tesla and Elon have not decided whether to offer "Free Supercharging" to the Model 3 Owners. Only that Supercharging capability will be "made available." (1) Will this decision be made before we 'pull the trigger' on Configuring in Design Studio and final...