1. T

    New Supercharger location in New London, CT

    Happy to see there is a new Supercharger location on I-95 South in the New London Shopping Center ( in New London, CT. It is closest to the Chilis restaurant. Eastern CT was lacking in SuperCharger locations. I think there...
  2. D

    Supercharger in Ft. Smith, AR

    I'm looking for a Tesla owner near Ft. Smith, AR who might have info on the proposed supercharger there. I'm planning a cross country trip to the southeast in last summer, and there's a large gap between OKC and Little Rock. A supercharger in Ft. Smith would be a huge help. Any info will be...
  3. djejnyc

    No Home Charging thread

    Hello Fellow M3 owners! This thread is to discuss those of us who DON'T have home charging options. I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn, NY. We park in the garage in the building next door and have no chance to put in any type of charger. There's two superchargers nearby, one 30mins...
  4. Bobby Garrity

    320kW Charging?

    Some simple math reveals that the new Roadster should be capable of charging at at least 320kW. Let's take a look: -The Long Range Model 3, with a 75kWh battery, can achieve a peak charging rate of 120kW on a Supercharger -The base model new Roadster has a 200kWh battery -(120kW/75kWh) * 200kWh...
  5. H

    YouTube Channel: Tesla Videos from Johnathan's World

    Hey everyone, in case you haven’t seen my Model 3 video. It shows the defects I discovered at the delivery center and after taking delivery. I dropped my car off at the Tesla Service center on 8/23/18 and my model 3 is still having work done on it. If you have any questions please feel free...
  6. DHS

    M3 received last night with 1 year free supercharging

    Hi, I just took delivery of my Model3 last night, literally sat in the car around 1:30 am. Because of all the crazy last night they offered me 1 year free supercharging in the phone as a ‘redemption bonus’. I checked with the advisor on site and they told it will be activated starting October...
  7. Doug Joubert

    Not Getting Charged for Supercharging?

    Maybe this has been covered before, and, if so, please forgive me. On our trip back from Houston to NOLA last Saturday, September 8th, we stopped at two Superchargers. We have been billed (and our credit card has paid) for one, but not the other. Is that typical? Should we say anything to...
  8. sdbyrd79

    Supercharger charging wrong Tier rate?

    I just charged my M3 for the first time yesterday and the experience was great! I hit a 477 mi/hr rate and put 75 miles on in 10 minutes. However, when I received the bill shortly after, it charged me at Tier 2 which is twice the cost of Tier 1. To quality for Tier 1 you should have less than...
  9. littlD

    Dead Superchargers On The Rise?

    Wondering who else is noticing that more and more Supercharger stalls are not working. At the time of this post, two out of five are dead in St. Charles MO and two out of eight are dead in Mt. Vernon, IL. I call them in every time I encounter them, but are we starting to see a trend? Please...
  10. NOGA$4ME

    Road trip navigation tips

    Looking for a howto (or maybe some general advice). When I'm on a road trip, I can enter my destination and my car will nicely provide me with a route and any needed charging stops. Wonderful. But on my previous (first) road trip, the car had me arriving at my destination with 10% and didn't...
  11. Swann

    Superchargers in Paris area

    When I had (briefly) a model S, I realized that there were no superchargers in Paris and in it's northern region. Capture D’écran 2018-07-09 à 19.45.23 by Swann posted Jul 9, 2018 at 7:47 PM I am surprised that TESLA has no plan to deploy (to my knowledge) them in that region. There is a lot...
  12. D

    Autocharger mention on Tesla website

    Never noticed this before on the tesla website in the Full-self driving section: "For Superchargers that have automatic charge connection enabled, you will not even need to plug in your vehicle" I think first time outside of that youtube video Tesla shared are they talking about auto charge.
  13. littlD

    #MiddieGoesToYellowstone - June Road Trip and Meetups - Help Us Celebrate Our 35th Anniversary!

    Douglas and Deborah Birk are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in a big way... a roadtrip to see Yellowstone National Park from Missouri to Wyoming! And, they want to share their celebration with you... in their brand new 2018 Tesla Model 3 named "Middie" at the Superchargers listed...
  14. escondidos

    "Patron" Chargers

    If you have to be a "patron" or customer of a business... hotel... etc.. to have access to a charger then those chargers should not be included when documenting chargers. Maybe they should not even be counted in the advertised total number of chargers. Those chargers are useless to the public...
  15. Michel Zehnder

    Some Supercharger Statistics Fun

    Some Supercharger Statistic fun. Complete data attached. Statistics by Continent Continent: [North America] Population: [482.900.000,00] Surface Area: [24214123 km2] Superchargers: [594] Stalls: [5238] Superchargers per 1M Population: [1,23006834] Stalls per 1M Population: [10,84696625]...
  16. JMON

    New 20 stall Supercharger in Hamilton, ON

    Here is a quick video review I did of the brand new 20 stall Supercharger located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada at Limeridge Mall.
  17. Nazar

    supercharger confusion

    hi fans of tesla :) i feel like i am in good company here :) ok, here in Western Australia we got our first supercharger bays Yaaa Hoooo :) a set of six in one location (its a start). here is where the confusion starts, while i was looking them over i pulled off a handset and below is what i...

    These cities are driving electric vehicle growth worldwide

    What cities are driving the electric vehicle revolution around the world? This question was just addressed by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). It turns out that their recent report includes: "cities with the highest electric vehicle uptake through 2016 and examines the...
  19. MelindaV

    Tesla’s new urban Superchargers

    Beginning in Chicago and Boston
  20. Sam

    M3 Delivery meetup - Los Angeles

    Want a (outdoor) tour of SpaceX? Want to see Hyperloop test track, the largest evacuated tube outside of CERN? Want to see the Tesla elevator and The Boring Company? Come to our Model 3 delivery party in Southern California. WHO: ANYONE who loves Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop and Boring and want to...
  21. Michel Zehnder

    Supercharger: Automatic Charge Connection

    Has this reference to "automatic charge connection" always be on the "Full Self-Driving Capability" option on the Design Studio? (Screenshot is Model S) Also, the rest of the feature looks neat, you just into the car, and it drives you where you need to go based on your calendar...
  22. Skione65

    Supercharging (Model 3)> Free or Pay?

    All, So it has been stated that Tesla and Elon have not decided whether to offer "Free Supercharging" to the Model 3 Owners. Only that Supercharging capability will be "made available." (1) Will this decision be made before we 'pull the trigger' on Configuring in Design Studio and final...
  23. AEDennis

    The Long Way Round... to the Tesla Gigafactory, a Summer 2016 Tesla Roadtrip

    It looks like Summer 2016 has ended for most, and I have finally gotten around to publishing this year's Long Way Round EV trip to the Gigafactory and back, (two months from the day the trip happened...) So, tomorrow, you can relive our meetup with @MelindaV I figured that with the start of...
  24. Van Shrider

    How much do you currently spend on gas, E85 & diesel?

    I currently use $200/month for gas for just going back and forth to work. If I take a vacation trip, then it can be $400-$600 per trip. In 2015, I spent $3600 on gasoline. More than enough to pay for a LIFETIME SC fee, if there is one.