storm trooper

  1. pulseyou

    Meet TARS: Our Dream Car (Stormtrooper Model 3)

    My wife and I have finally finished our Model 3 Modifications. We started with a Long Range Pearl Model 3, 18' Aero Wheels, Autopilot and Self Driving Added. We started by tinting the car at 30% all around (Monumental Workx in San Diego, would highly recommend). We also had the car dechromed to...
  2. KFORE

    DIY Chrome Delete with Plasti Dip

    After receiving quotes upwards of $1,000 for a professional vinyl chrome delete, I decided to do my own with 2 cans of black plasti dip, some masking tap, and a few garbage/plastic bags. Total cost: $35. Total time: 6 hours. Most of the effort is in the masking of the car, which took about 4...