1. Jeda Products

    Jeda USB Hub Console for 2021 Tesla's!

    We have officially launched the Jeda USB Hub Console for 2021 Tesla Model 3's and Y's. The new Jeda USB Hub Console divides your center console into two different compartments. A top compartment organizes your daily objects, while a lower compartment stores valuables and items you prefer...
  2. Yanquetino

    Question "Onboard" Sentry clip?

    Ran across something the other day that I've never seen before. While in the tire shop, my Model 3 recorded a Sentry video, but NOT on my Samsung SSD drive. The viewer identifies it as an "Onboard" clip. I can't delete it (no garbage can in the viewer), only copy it to the SSD —in which case I...
  3. 30cl

    Storage container for DIY Jack Lifting Pads

    Where can one acquire storage container for my DIY lifting pads like in the picture attached?
  4. jsanford

    Keeping critters from nesting?

    Two coworkers had work done recently on the ICE vehicles after rodents moved into the engine bay and chewed themselves a home. Eloise the Tesla lives outside, so I’m wondering if there are vulnerable points of entry for a critter to move in while parked, and if so, how they can be deterred...