steering wheel

  1. Yanquetino

    Question POLL: Make yoke or steering wheel an option?

    We've seen that owners have polarized opinions about the yoke in the refreshed Model S Plaid. Should Tesla give owners the option of choosing a yoke or a steering wheel when ordering car —like it already does with paint colors, dark or white interior, battery size, wheel sizes, FSD, etc?
  2. D

    Steering wheel loses full range of adjustments periodically

    My steering wheel periodically loses the full range of adjustments, possibly after firmware updates. It won't adjust all the way up/down or in/out. Performing a steering wheel calibration by the service center fixes the issue temporarily but comes back after a while. The SC have no idea what...
  3. Doug Joubert

    Steering Wheel Shakes when Dropping to ~40 MPH

    One of my family's favorite things to do is to accelerate off a stop light, then ease up and go back to the speed limit. We don't go too far over, just enough to get the feel for the M3's acceleration. As of about a week ago, the steering wheel started to shudder when we dropped to about 40...
  4. Bri.Buc 15XXX

    Steering Wheel Vibration

    Has anyone experienced a pulsating/mechanical vibration through the steering wheel when driving? The occurrence mostly occurs at 39-40mph, or under hard acceleration around 50mph. Driving straight and not changing lanes. The frequency is about 2-4 times during a 40 mile drive. I have...
  5. O

    Custom Steering Wheels

    I am window shopping on some Model 3 upgrades, but thoughts on custom steering wheels: go with real carbon fiber or open pore wood? If I go with carbon fiber, I would preferably have a matching dashboard. The wood looks smoother than the Model 3 dashboard.
  6. F

    Steering wheel buttons default functionality

    We have seen in several videos from the reveal that the steering wheel buttons can be used to adjust the steering wheel position and the mirrors, but is there any information about their default functioniontality? Are they used for autopilot and/or audio volume control, or can they be assigned...
  7. Kizzy

    Model 3's Non-Leather Steering Wheel

    After learning that Model S and X have leather steering wheels as standard, I was concerned about what the Model 3 would have. Though some folks have requested vegan steering wheels for their cars, it was hard for me to imagine the same for the Model 3. I sent an email to Tesla sales to ask for...