1. MountainPass

    MPP Solar Roof Sponsorship

    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well and that life is getting back to normal for you all!! I am really excited to announce that we're sponsoring one of our existing MPP customers with a solar roof. The idea is that it's a more direct way for us to invest in solar rather than going through...
  2. T

    Tesla Energy -- Worst experience

    Tesla customer service is non-existent. Terrible experience from the start. I should of listen to my gut and NOT used them. I ordered the panels July 2020. They installed the equipment in December 2020. So may excuses and delays that it is just ridiculous. The first rep they assigned me never...
  3. Bigriver

    My Solar Year in PA

    2019 was our first complete year of having our solar panels installed and producing for us. It was a very good year. It is an 11.97 kW system with 38 panels, of which 13 face Southeast and 25 face Southwest. The system was estimated to produce 13,600 kWh per year, but our actual for this year...
  4. S

    Solar installers in Los Angeles or Southern California

    Hi - We are a two-Model 3 family and are currently buying a house in LA. We would like to install a solar system. Does anyone have recommendations on companies / installers who you thought were great? Or on ones that we should avoid? Thanks! Scott
  5. $ Trillion Musk

    Nikola Tesla - the scientist

    I’ve created this thread to open up discussions regarding Nikola Tesla, the scientist. He’s important to me because I believe the world would have been better off had his plans succeeded... well, maybe minus the death ray gun. Please feel free to post some interesting topics regarding one of...
  6. J

    SDG&E Standard vs TOU-2 Plans for Charging Tesla?

    I live in San Diego. We have had PV Solar on our roof for about two years, generating 140-150% of our use every year, without EVs - we originally sized the system with the idea of getting EVs later. Now, we have just taken delivery of two Tesla Model 3s :). I have calculated that, based on our...
  7. AEDennis

    On Solar Panels and Solar Inverters... Our first repair...

    What is a Solar Inverter? It's a device that converts the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that one can use in most homes. When we first shopped around for solar, we had many choices and we picked our provider based on cost, and it turned out to be a pretty good technical...
  8. Uricasha

    Self Install Solar

    Hi, I just wanted to give a quick highlight to my solar system. Here are the quick facts. 5 panels Self-installed in Phoenix, AZ Power peaks around 1.1 kW in the Summer (I get around 6 sun hours per day) For the most part, this system ensures that I don't take electricity from the grid during...
  9. Gabzqc

    Tesla Glass Solar Roof for Model 3

    Looks like we could have a Solar Roof option for the Model 3! A bit like the Fisker Karma, but that would actually work!
  10. patrick0101

    How many solar panels do you need to charge an EV?

    To power your EV's energy needs, it depends on what EV you drive, how far, where and how you drive it. For energy production, it depends on where you are putting the solar panels, angle, azimuth, tilt, shading, and regional weather... There are variables, but with a few tools, you can figure it...
  11. TrevP

    Considering a solar system for my house. Suggestions?

    I live in Aurora which is half and hour North of Toronto. Can anyone suggest a reputable installer that I can contact to answer my questions about the possibility of an installation on my home? Thanks Trev