solar panels

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  1. ADK46

    Adding solar power for the new Tesla 3

    I don't see any threads on this subject, so maybe it would be useful to describe my own effort on powering my car with solar panels. I already have a system sized for prior needs, 12kW, which produces about 12,000 kWh/year. (It's not like you multiply by a thousand, it just happens to work out...
  2. Todd Harrison

    Tesla solar shingle calculator Canada

    Can someone more knowledgeable in Ontario whip up a calculation to see if the current pricing works for us? It is allot of money to lay out for a roof, I know I will get monthly cheques from the feed in program but don't know how much? I am guessing my roof would be 2000 sq ft, with almost no...
  3. Mr. Watts

    IFTTT and EV's

    3 things I was thinking about with using IFTTT (If this then that) to get information that would make driving EV's fun and easy to manage. 1'st would be a recipe for solar energy production of solar panels if any. Would be cool to have a universal channel for all PV systems 2nd would be to...