1. komocode

    macOS Dashcam viewer (beta testers needed)

    I worked on this app this past weekend. It allows you to quickly scrub through all of your video files on the USB device in one timeline. It's mostly done. Just need some beta testers. I need HW3 users (to see if video files changed in any way). Message me if you fit the above. I only need a...
  2. T

    Tesla’s impact on the Auto Industry

    Hi there, I’m a 3rd year Journalism student from Liverpool John Moores University, and I’m currently working on a car magazine as part of my final year project before I graduate. For my magazine, I’m working on a feature piece about what impact Tesla has had on the auto industry since the...
  3. sdmodel3

    Firmware build v8.1 2018.28.6 feb67af (8/18/18)

    Nothing new in the release notes. I was on 28.2 before and had some serious vampire drain that seems to be gone. Phone key still a pain and works well 75% of the time.
  4. Teslaquila

    Multiple Errors: Traction Control / Cruise / Regen / Emergency Braking Disabled

    [Mod note: multiple threads about seeing several error messages at once due to issues with the 12V battery have been merged. See post #9 for a more typical scenario.] yesterday, i started driving and noticed that the regenerative braking wasn't working and the above warnings were cycling...
  5. BLDRN3R

    Power Meter - Dots for less power?

    So I noticed this the other day and decided to see if it would come back. As the battery in my M3 gets lower and lower I see dots beginning to appear on the far right edge of the power meter (see attached photo). The most I have seen is three dots when I was down to about 50 miles of range...
  6. Bokonon

    Official Tesla Open Source Code Repositories

    In order to comply with the licensing requirements of some open-source software that Tesla has incorporated into its own software products, Tesla has created public GitHub repositories and begun publishing portions of the affected source code. The first post of this thread will maintain a list...