software updates

  1. A

    Software update

    I’m connected to my homes wifi. I have the premium connection. I can’t update to the 2021.6.8 update (I think that’s the number) to get the new sentry feature. I’m taking about the one where you can view your car surroundings on your app. My car was bought in 11/21 and it says software is up to...
  2. Ericb13

    Software Update?

    This is my first Tesla. My neighbor has the model 3 and has the software update that allows you to view sensory cam and driving cams on the screen as well as a newer autopilot version. Is it normal for certain models to get new features before others? If so any idea when we will get these new...
  3. GateFather

    YouTube Channel: The Techlology Guy - Tesla Videos

    Hey Everyone, this is my show where I’m focusing mostly on Tesla but will mix some other Tech in eventually as well! I’m just starting out but so far I have 4 episodes. I’m going to post each here in a separate post so I can link back to them individually should they become relevant and helpful...
  4. AB3DC

    Firmware Build v9.0 2019.8.1 7ee0493 (3/12/2019)

    Our canary in Nevada got this update an hour ago. So many versions out there. Can’t even keep up just like the price changes. :p [MOD NOTE: POSTS SUCH AS "GOT IT!" AND "INSTALLING NOW IN (CITY)!" WILL BE REMOVED. PLEASE USE THE VOTING BUTTONS IF NOT ADDING SPECIFIC INFORMATION YOU HAVE...
  5. victor

    Firmware Build v9.0 2018.48.12.1 d6999f5 (12/18/2018)

    Just received it in Canada.
  6. MattyB

    Strategies to update with no WIFI access?

    Hi! Because of where I have to park in my condo building, there is no way my car will have regular access to WIFI unless my building decides to wire the parking garage, which may happen in 3-4 years after enough cars use it, but thats for tomorrow. I got my first few updates over LTE, but they...
  7. Bokonon

    Tesla Owners Will be Able to Request Software Update

    For anyone out there wondering, "Why, oh why am I not running the latest firmware?! I reallyreallyreally want those EAP updates / new maps / moar bacon / software-locked HUD!!!" Well, straight from the horse's mouth...
  8. Bokonon

    Current Android Mobile App Updates List - Newest Tesla 4.4.4-847

    Latest Tesla APK info: Tesla 4.4.4-847 (2022-01-12) Tesla 4.4.3-832 (2022-01-11) Tesla 4.4.2-828 (2021-12-24) Tesla 4.4.1-824 (2021-12-22) Tesla 4.4.0-810 (2021-12-14) Tesla 4.3.1-777 (2021-12-07) Tesla 4.3.0-766 (2021-11-18) Tesla...
  9. Robert Pickel

    Items yet to come...

    What is the latest on if/when "summon" and "camper mode" will be made available on the Model 3?
  10. cfickett

    Software Updates from Tesla

    I am a Model 3 reservation holder and will be living in a location where my car will be parked outside of the range of any wifi. Will I still be able to receive software updates via the built in LTE in the car? I am hoping that it will only take longer and still be able to receive the updates...