silver metallic

  1. GDN

    White is the new black ! And is Silver coming back?

    I would think this news will increase profits a bit more. I don't see this car in basic white, just not my thing at all, it will look cheap. Basic white is the color of fleet vehicles. I have a black one and would have paid the $1000 for it, but never for basic white. I figure this will...
  2. codeoverride

    Experiences with Repainting Silver Metallic? Light patch on hood :(

    Took delivery one week ago of a Silver Metallic Model 3. I spent a lot of time looking over the car but delivery bay was dark and it was so bright outside that I didn't notice a light patch of paint on the hood. I'm taking it in to the SC but assuming the only fix might be a repaint. I heard...
  3. NJturtlePower

    Johnny 5.3 vs Deer - The post I hoped to NEVER make..... :(

    So yeah...title says it all. :(:mad::eek: Tuesday morning, 10/16 I was on my way early (6am) for a work related training up in North Jersey doing about 55-60mph on RT202 North in Branchburg when a buck charged into the roadway. Being that I was in the right lane and he was coming from the...
  4. IMG_0418.jpeg


    Sunset Money Shot
  5. benthebear

    Paint differences

    I am getting ready to finalize my order!!! It has been over 2 years since I slept outside the showroom(in Rocklin Ca) to put in my reservation. I have heard that the black paint here in California is "soft" and scratches/chips easy per all our regulations. My question is this: 1. is the black...
  6. NJturtlePower

    Please Help coordinate my Model 3 Config&Delivery w/ Lease Return

    So I read through a TON of threads and posts on here daily, but still have some questions about timing my Model 3 config/delivery between Tesla and my soon to be lease return mid-July. Here's my concerns..... My planned config (Silver Metallic w/ Aeros) is one of the less popular, and some...
  7. ng0

    Didn’t the silver metallic get nicer...? ;-)

    So I was watching Ben @ Teslanomics taking delivery of his model 3. Congrats to him btw if he reads this! While he was shooting his video I couldn't help but keep noticing the silver model 3 behind him with the sport wheels! Silver was something I was interested in awhile back but once I started...